Gifting liquor sets is becoming a traditional all over the world. You can gift liquor sets to your friends, relative, or even colleagues no matter what the occasion is. Since whiskey is one of the favorite alcoholic beverages of almost every American, you should consider gifting some of the best whiskeys to your friends for the holidays.

Here is the list of some of the best whiskeys that you can gift your friends.

Bulleit Frontier Bourbon Barrel Strength

Also known as the Frontier Whiskey, the Bulleit Frontier is one of the popular whiskeys in the United States. The percentage of rye in this bottle is more when compared to other bourbons. It is the best choice if you are planning to send alcohol gifts to your friends. If your friend is the type of drinker who really likes a smooth bourbon, then you don’t need to look for another whiskey.

Legent Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

This Kentucky bourbon whiskey was first released in 2019 and got great feedback from the public. Legent Straight whiskey is a 47 percent ABV (94 proof) bourbon that has distinct notes of sweet wine. The price of one bottle of this Kentucky bourbon whiskey is $35.

Crater Lake Reserve Rye Whiskey

This whiskey is distilled from American rye and is bottled at a strong 48 percent ABV (96 proof). This amount perfectly amplifies the spicy rye finish of the whiskey. Crater Lake Reserve Rye Whiskey is perfect with any cocktail. A single bottle of Carter Lake Reserve Rye Whiskey costs about $39. It will be a perfect holiday gift for your friends, relatives, or colleagues.

Cedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon Whisky

This Iowa-based whiskey has a reputation of repeatedly receiving top honors at several national spirit competitions.  In 2017, the Cedar Ridge was named Distillery of the Year by the American Distilling Institute. Cedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon Whisky is made of 75% local corn and enough rye for extra flavor. This is a very smooth whiskey that has 40% ABV.

Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection

This new whiskey from Woodford reserve was released in the year 2018 and it is a perfect choice if you want to send alcohol gifts to your friends. One of the main features of the Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection is the added oat that is usually found in a pot still Irish whiskey. When compared to other whiskeys, Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection is a bit costly and a single bottle costs around $99.

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