In the present time, when we are hearing about cybercrimes being committed by unethical hackers; it is best to practice safe and secure video conferencing techniques. It is better to be secretive about the important board meetings than to feel sorry for realizing that the company’s trade secrets are the talk of the town.

If you are wondering how to go about securing your video calls, you are doing the correct thing by reading this piece. There are five important steps and these are discussed as under.

Step – 1

As the first step of ensuring secure video conferencing, you must examine the present video conferencing system which your business entity is following. Unlike in the case of wine which gets better as they age, your present system will not get any better as time goes by. What does this mean? This simply means that you must ensure that the system is up-to-date for enjoying the most secure video conference. The drawbacks associated with old technology are not unknown to anyone.

Step – 2

The second step towards ensuring a safe and secure video conference is getting AES protection. They say a 128–bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is logically indestructible. What is AES? It is the most popular security measure used to encode and decode the calls between systems.

Step – 3

Making use of SSO (Single Sign-On) for authentication is your step three. With the help of this, the breach can be quickly identified and locked to contain the damage caused and control it. The activity that led to the breach of the systems can also be figured out.

Step – 4

The fourth step to ensure secure video conferencing is to opt for installers or service providers who follow a domain-based technique. By following this technique, employees will be able to collaborate their work securely. The business unit will also be able to remain in control of the environment in which the collaboration happens. The key to conducting several important various conferences lies with the higher officials, and therefore they can control their employee interactions to favor the development of the business enterprise.

Step – 5

Having a video conferencing policy handy is the fifth step to ensure a secure video conference. This will enable the entrepreneurs to set boundaries and thereby limit the expectations of their clients.

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