With the sudden boom in the CBD industry all over world, the choices available to consumers are far and plenty. The reason for this upward climb of this particular industry to valuation of around $25 billion by the year 2025 is much because of the change in waves in the United States. The passing of the Farm bill and the official legalisation of CBD derived hemp products within its land borders meant that the market had its doors open, finally!

With producers and suppliers flooding into the market, the consumer has to make a call on what to pick. What makes this an even more important exercise, is because choosing the wrong products will affect your health in one way or the other. Now, with many manufacturers moving their businesses online, it has become a challenge to seek out the right product for you. It is a given that going to a physical store and getting the CBD product has its own charm to it, irrespective of how cumbersome that idea is. Our focus today is on the latter than on the former.

We will be going through the top things that you should look out for when getting the right CBD products offline, what it is that separates a good and a bad CBD product, and the ways in which you can check the quality of CBD products in the comfort of your own home! Rather than answering your question of the best place to buy CBD offline, we will teach you on how to find these places in your state or locality. Read on.

Cannabidiol: The Long Awaited Return

Placards with ‘Legalise marijuana’ hastily scribbled on it had been a common sight at most protests that erupted in much of the early 90’s. People were starting to understand the unjustified ban on marijuana and its derivatives. The idea that ran behind creating a public image that was negative went much like this: In the 1930’s there was a mass inflow of Mexicans and with them came their culture as well. The tradition of smoking and ingesting cannabis was something long held and passed down their generations. A fear began spreading across many facets of the society, including the government, of ‘what if American values and culture are buried under this new culture?’ Xenophobia began creeping in and the media took the bait. They started spreading senseless allegations; allegation with no scientific evidence to back it up; allegations that marijuana turned you into a maniacal, rampaging animal that murders with ‘blood lust’. To further create the sense of the abnormal drug making its way into the border, the media dubbed the name from cannabis to ‘marijuana’.

The rumours began spreading and more people started blindly following the herd. We all know the only thing that marijuana makes people rampage over is maybe a pack of chips and some doughnuts; and rampage? More like lazily compromise.

With the support of the people, state governments jumped into action banning the use, production and supply of cannabis.

Over time, with the discovery of CBD in 1940 and research promising of its plethora of benefits, the fight for the legalisation of CBD began to strengthen over time. This reached a peak in 2018, with the Farm Bill being passed in congress, making CBD derived hemp and hemp completely legal to grow and consume like any other agricultural produce in the states.

This generation and the next can comfortably enjoy the benefits that CBD now showers them with!

Choices, Choices: Why You Should Be Careful Buying CBD Offline

For anyone who is not living under a rock, you may have noticed the vast CBD selling stores that have virtually popped up overnight. Everybody wants a piece of the pie. This is a good thing for a consumer, as more the competition, better will be the product that every supplier would want to put out to the customer.

But like everything in life, there are always a few bad apples in a bunch. This applies no differently to CBD stores as well! There may be many CBD stores in your locality that don’t adhere to any quality standards; this could pose a potential health risk to you.

As a result of no standards being followed, low quality CBD that is made from artificial cannabinoids are being put on display at their store shelves. These products are not tested by any third party labs, no quality requirements mentioned, percentage of various constituents are missing on the labelling, and you end up paying more sometimes!

Now the argument of ‘it is convenient’ brings no weight, as waiting for a day or two for the CBD products to be delivered to your doorstep is a better alternative than for you make constant visits to the hospital within the next couple of years.

But as mentioned earlier, these are the bad apples. As an informed consumer you can get connected to the right offline CBD store if you follow some simple steps…

What To Look Out For When Purchasing CBD Offline?

Remember that no two CBD products are ever alike; there will always be minute differences in their composition depending on the batch and the way in which the hemp was grown and sourced.

These are the things to remember the next time you step into the CBD vendor’s store:

  • Don’t Buy Cheap Products

Nobody does anything cheap. If it is cheap, there are high chances that it is bad as well. The same applies for CBD products, too. The process of growing, tending the hemp followed by finally extracting and packaging the final product costs money!

Like every business out there, they need profits to keep it running. Do you think your local or offline vendor is selfless to simply accept the losses and give you top of the line CBD products at a cheap price?

Obviously, not!

Be sure to spend a couple extra bucks on the more premium line of products. The more valuable it is, the more it’ll cost you. Simple.

  • Keep A Watchful Eye For The ‘No THC’ Labelling

Although CBD derived hemp is legal, it has been made clear by federal laws that the percentage of THC must be within 0.3%. Some states like Texas have made it entirely illegal, to have any percentage of THC in CBD products.

So make sure when you buy your CBD products, there are labelling that either tell you ‘No THC’ or has the information regarding the percentage of THC on it. Getting on your knees and pleading when the law mistakenly catches you with illegal CBD products, is pointless. So, be informed of what you buy, rather than spending time in a four-walled cell.

  • Make Sure That The Product Is Transparent And Has 3rd Party Testing

With every one wanting to take a piece of the cake, testing is one of the ways to weed out the real CBD products from the false ones.

Make sure that the labelling on the product or the supplier is transparent in what is in their products. The percentage of ingredients and required dosage must be indicated on each and every CBD product clearly.

Plus there must be quality check certification from a third party accredited laboratory that proves the validation of the supplier’s claims, and checks for the amount of impurities in their products.

What Good CBD Products Have, That Bad Ones Don’t?

  • It Is Obtained From Organic Hemp

The CBD products must be sourced from organic hemp that is imported from Denmark or make use of home-grown hemp that is grown in certified Colorado based farms. When the sourcing material of the products is of top quality, then it also means that the CBD products that you buy are also good!

  • The Method Of Extracting CBD From The Hemp Must Be CO2

A good CBD products manufacturer makes use of CO2 to extract the CBD from the hemp produce. It is because CO2 extraction is considered as the gold standard; ask the FDA. It involves the process of using pressurized CO2 ­to remove the desired phytochemicals. This method allows for the CBD oil to be extracted with the least amount of impurities, not forming any harmful butanes and the final product is of a higher quality.

  • The CBD Product You Buy Must Have A Broad Spectrum Of Cannabinoids In Them

Make sure that whatever the CBD product you buy be it a tincture, gummy drop, lotion or CBD oil, the CBD extract that they use in the product must be of broad or full-spectrum variety. This again is dependent on where you live. If the state/ country you’re in allows for THC in the CBD product then go for full-spectrum, or else go for a broad spectrum CBD product. Both these variants have other cannabinoids like terpenes, Chromenes, flavonoids and many more that further boost the overall effectiveness of the CBD product by means of what is called the entourage effect. You will have a stronger/ potent CBD product that takes care of more ailments i.e. is more holistic in every way possible.

If these are mentioned on the labelling, then that is a gold star as you end up getting a more personalised medicine.

The Final Note

Be well read on the local/state laws regarding the legal status of CBD. While getting a product make sure you see for the source of the hemp. If you have a cannabis derived CBD product, then you need to be in a place that permits the use of medical or recreational marijuana; you can’t buy cannabis derived CBD from California and take it to Texas as you will land in serious trouble.

Most brands have info on themselves on the internet. Make sure to check out their website and check on their certification before you head over to the store to make a purchase.

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