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Have you heard of promise rings? Despite having been around for centuries, promise rings have not gone out of trend even today. Promise rings are a symbol of love and wearing one shows the commitment a couple has to their relationship. Couples, of all times, like the idea of promise rings because of which you will find many wearing these even today. If you have not heard about these pretty rings, you should definitely read this.

History Of The Promise Ring

Men have always taken interest in showering the women they love with presents. A promise ring is one such present that has more meaning to it.  Promise rings were a huge trend back in the 13th and 14th centuries when it was a token of a promise to love.

There are different types of promise rings. Posy rings- derived from the French word ‘poesie’ which means poem- had short romantic inscriptions on them. Another type of promise ring- usually given by the wealthy- was famous during the Georgian and Victorian era. These promise rings were decorated with gemstones in a line whose first letters when brought together carries a secret message.

What Does A Promise Ring Mean?

A promise ring is not an engagement or wedding ring. When a couple exchanges promise rings, it is to show the world that they are serious about each other but still not ready to take the next step. Those couples who have other commitments or are yet to become financially strong can gift these rings to show how valuable they are to each other.

Which Finger Do You Wear The Promise Ring On?

Promise rings can be worn on any finger of either hand. However, it is worn on the middle finger or index finger of the left or right hand. As promise rings are not engagement rings (that promised marriage), it is not worn on ring fingers as it can be mistaken as engagement rings. It stands for the promise to love and cherish. Couples in long-distance relationships can gift it to each other to show the strength of their relationship.

How Do You Give Your Loved One A Promise Ring?

Promise rings are usually given to women by men, but modern men also wear these rings.

They wear it to show their sincerity.

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