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Online Diamond Jewellery Store

When buying diamond engagement rings, along with the diamond cut, you need to consider the diamond setting also, as it is equally important. Because of this, two different diamond ring designs made from the same metal and with the same kind of diamonds will have different price tags when you check on an online diamond jewellery store. Besides, you should bear in mind that different designs suit different people and have their own advantages and disadvantages. Hence, some designs are simple and delicate, whereas some are meant to be durable and others are more attractive. Therefore, this article will introduce some popular diamond engagement ring settings including their advantages and disadvantages. Read on to know more.

Prong Setting

This is one of the most popular and classic ring setting because of its very simple and elegant style. So as the name says a prong is a claw like holder in which the diamond is held in place and it can be v-shape, rounded and pointed as well as there is minimum metal. Moreover, this setting can have either 6 or 4 prongs and the former holds the diamond more secure whereas with the latter you can see more of the diamond. Because of its minimalist design it is easy to maintain and complements many diamond sizes and shapes.

Tiffany Setting

This is a scientifically designed 6 prong design that gives the maximum light return from the diamond and it is unique because of the prong design along with the “knife edge” of the shaft.

Bezel Setting 

This is a modern design and highly suitable for an active lifestyle and hence easy to maintain. Its speciality is that the diamond is held in position using a bezel and hence is a very durable design. Moreover there are full bezel or partial bezel setting and it’s an ideal choice for working women. But, one of its possible drawbacks is that it hides more of the stone and lessens light reflection compared to the prong design.

Tension Setting

Here the diamond appears to be suspended between two sides of the band and this is because it is held in place by the tension of the metal band. This is achieved by the jeweller cutting precise grooves into the shank such that the diamond is held by the pressure of the metal band. Because of this, the design is easy to maintain and has very good light reflection due to minimum metal surrounding the diamond along with a unique look. But, one of the disadvantages is that it is very difficult to resize and is a delicate design requiring you to be much careful.

So, when buying diamond engagement rings from reputable online jewellers, choose a ring that suits the wearer’s lifestyle and personal style.

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