Exquisite Diamond Rings
Exquisite Diamond Rings

Heart shaped diamonds are by far the most eye catching of diamond shapes. The idea of the hardest substance known to man, being expertly carved in the shape of beating heart is a standing testimony to the idea that love is truly everlasting!  You feel the cupids fluttering, and arrows whizzing past as this shape symbolizes each and every connotation of love and affection. It stands apart from other cut shapes making it the apt choice for any occasion that is driven by the strong passion of love, be it valentine’s day, 20th anniversary day gift  or more so, an engagement ring to slip into the ring finger of your betrothed to be. The shape makes it extremely versatile in being the perfect piece of craftsmanship that you can give to your dearest.

Diamond rings with heart shape design tends to create even more brilliance and sheen than traditionally cut diamonds. It has close to 60 facets along its angular precision cut surface and a roundish pavilion, truly enabling the diamond to capture the magic and sparkle of a thousand pearls put together.

Although there is an ever rising demand for this peculiar shape of diamond, it is by far one of the most difficult diamonds to craft, cut and perfect making them exquisite diamond rings.  The shape owing to the dimensions must be taken into careful consideration. Turning a blind eye would turn the diamond elongated or dwarfed along one of its axis, which would be a sin! The proportion of length to width ratio must be a 0.9-1.2:1 to ensure that the shape is apt.

Under no circumstances should you sacrifice cost for quality, as some heart shaped diamonds may be easier on the pocket but may be imbibed by obvious flaws such as visible colour at the edges and corners. The heart shaped diamond cut is further one of the more expensive cuts owing to its carefully engineered cuts that haveabsolutely no room for error.

Due to the complexity and degree of experience needed in creating this one of a kind master piece, heart shaped diamonds are the precious child of collectors and make for an excellent investment prospect for years to come.

Be rest assured that you have made the right choice in choosing this cut, because irrespective of where you are or who are in the room, you will for sure turn heads!

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