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Promise rings are those used to show the promise between a couple. These rings are making a comeback for those couples who are not yet engaged but still wish to show their exclusivity as a couple. Promise rings these days are much removed from the age-old idea that a ring worn in the ring finger of the left hand shows a future engagement. With more and more people moving away from the age old customs and traditions, promise rings have emerged as a new way to show that a couple is a unified pair.

Designing a Promise Ring

For the old generations who considered promise ring as the pre engagement ring, the design of the ring often times included a simple and delicate band with very small stones. If at all there is a centre stone, it usually weighs less than the quarter of a carat. However, designing a promise ring today is a very personal experience.

New generation promise rings are completely non-traditional and unique in appearance. The center stone of the ring can be small or large depending on the desire of the couple. The stone can also blend together with the gemstones in the ring that bears similar carat weights.

The ring can be designed as per the wish of the couple, and creativity is much encouraged these days while personalizing a promise ring to represent the bond between the two people.

Diamonds are used to customize promise rings in order to offer a floral look to the ring. Similarly, colored gemstones and birthstones are also used to make the promise ring even more special and close to the heart.

Choosing the Carat Weight of the Stone

The size of the stone is a very important factor that you need to consider while designing the promise ring. While selecting the size of the diamond ring, you need to take into account the size of the hand that wears the ring. A smaller diamond that is set on a very delicate band will look bigger on small hands, whereas a large diamond might overwhelm the hand of the wearer. At the same time, large hands will make the diamond look even smaller.

You will need to review the size chart of diamonds for all types of diamond cuts while designing a promise ring with a signature center stone. This will help you decide that size and cut of the diamond that offers the best “wow” effect. You need to keep in mind that the size of the diamond does not always double or triple with the increase in carat weight.

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