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So, you just got proposed to? Of course, you would be so excited and constantly checking out the brand new shining bauble on your ring finger. You are likely to be on cloud 9 if your sparkler is one-of-a-kind and is just perfect to define your style and lifestyle. Needless to mention, you will be so happy and proud flaunting the splendid engagement ring everywhere you go. In fact, you may hardly take it off your finger. However, there are certain situations or times when you should not wear your resplendent diamond engagement rings.

This is crucial for the longevity of your lifetime bling. This is applicable even your significant other has done a good job when choosing one of the best options from the best diamond retailers. Note that unlike most people think, taking off your diamond engagement ring has nothing to do with your love towards your partner. After all, you are doing this to keep up the sparkle of your lifetime bling. Some of those instances when you must avoid wearing your diamond rings are listed below.

When Doing Adventurous Sports

It is not wise to wear your diamond ring while indulging in any activities that are potentially dangerous to your captivating bling. Most reputable diamond dealers and experts often recommends their customers not to wear their new ring while playing games such as rugby, swimming, enjoying a roller coaster ride, etc. In fact, it will be better to avoid flaunting it while sightseeing places such as waves and the Grand Canyon.

If you find it hard to take the bauble off your finger, just imagine your emotional and financial loss when it gets damaged or lost. Some couples often consider these guidelines for a couple of months after their engagement. However, most couples tend to get sloppy and careless about their engagement rings as time passes. This can put your ring at risk.

When it Will Get Dirty

You would be a proud owner of one of the most special diamond engagement rings. However, even the best sparkler is vulnerable to dirt and damages. So, you must make sure to avoid wearing your diamond rings when you indulge in any activity that can make it dirty. For instance; when you do gardening or dig in the dirt for any purpose. The same thing is applicable if you are in a field makes your expensive diamond ring a dirt magnet such as landscaping, sculpting, house cleaning, etc.

Similarly, it is better to avoid wearing your ringif you are employed in the healthcare field. It is to be noted that the chances for accidental spills of medicines or any chemicals on your ring are more in this case. It is also recommended to avoid wearing diamond rings when doing any simple craftworks. Otherwise, the paint or crafting glue may get between the stone and its mounting.

Before you are Ready to Break the Big News

Engagement is one of the most important and auspicious milestones in the life of almost every couple. Of course, newly engaged couples will be extremely excited and would love to shout it from the rooftops and show off their bling to all the people they know in most cases. However, not every person is the same and there are many couples who prefer to keep their engagement a secret until the right time comes or they are ready.

If you belong to this category and does not want to break the news right away, avoid wearing your diamond engagement rings till you are ready. In case you still prefer wearing the ring, get ready to face the questions raised by your friends and family. However, the risk of word getting out is high in this case.

It Hasn’t Been Properly Sized

Usually, diamond engagement rings are gifted to you by your partner as a surprise. Of course, you would be dying to put the sparkler on. However, if your captivating diamond engagement ring tends to make your finger purple, it is better not to force it on your finger. Needless to mention, this will not be good for both your finger and the ring. After all, who would like to call the fire department as they put the diamond engagement ring to pry it off?

Similarly, avoid wearing your valuable bands if it is too loose since there is a risk of the sparkler falling off. Furthermore, make sure that the material of your ring is allergen-free before putting it on. Metal bands that contain nickel usually cause allergy to almost every person. Even if you don’t have a history of nickel allergy, it may develop in the future. So, never wear your ring until you find a solution for your allergy.

When it is Inappropriate

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like it the right time to break your big news and it is quite okay. This issue mainly occurs when your engagement news is likely to steal someone else’s thunder or is inappropriate. For instance, when you attend your friend’s engagement party, wedding, birthday party, baby shower, etc. If you break the news at this time, all your friends are likely to surround you checking out the ring. This may sometimes upset your friend.

Similarly, wearing the ring when you attend the funeral ceremony of your family member as well is not an appropriate choice. After all, who would like to announce one of the happiest moments in their life in such a sad atmosphere?

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