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The shape and cut of a diamond is capable of making it look bigger or smaller than its carat weight would suggest. For those that take that aspect of their hard-bought gem seriously, size is definitely a matter to consider when buying a new stone. Larger-carat stones come with heavier prize tags though. Following are some things to consider when getting your sweetheart a 4 carat studded diamond ring.


The different shapes that diamonds get cut in these days, make each stone appear slightly different in terms of size, when compared to its counterparts. The dimensions would surely vary, and this is the main reason why stones of some cut look bigger at first sight. The oval shape, for example, looks a lot larger than the round brilliant.

Better Cut Can Mean Fewer Carats

Cut and shape are two different things when it concerns a diamond. Round, emerald, and pear are shapes, whereas cut is one of the factors taken into account when grading a stone. The precision of the latter, decides how good your stone looks, and can range anywhere from Excellent to Poor. Well-cut stones would exhibit exceptional shine, while also looking bigger due to the superior play of light in them.

Carat Perspective

Shape and cut may influence the size of a stone, but there is also a proportion-based measure you should be looking at. For a 4 carat diamond ring from one of the top online diamond retailers, checking the ratio between the carat weight and the stone’s diameter can make it easier to for you to pick out something truly beautiful. For a round brilliant of 4 carats, you want a diameter of around 10 millimeters for the best look; in a princess cut stone, the ideal diameter goes down to roughly 8.7 millimeters.


If your stone looks small before being mounted on a band, you can adjust the setting to compensate for this. A solitaire setting, for instance, emphasizes the stone acutely. A light-hued band metal would boost its visual appeal, whereas rose or yellow gold would tend to mask the vital undertones of a not-so-colorless diamond. Adding a halo of smaller stones surrounding the center diamond can bring more sparkle into the picture, while not detracting from the prominence of the latter.

4 carat diamonds are rare and bold enough to invoke all the right kinds of appeal, but for maximum effect, you would want to do the above things in wise measure.

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