Where To Buy Diamonds
Engagement Ring Trends

Diamond experts expect these trends to dominate 2020. As per them, these five styles will secure retail sales next year.

Socially Conscious Options

Socially-conscious ways of thinking are influencing diamond buying behavior. With that in mind, a raise in consumers buying recycled jewelry and previously-owned diamond rings is something that we expect to see next year. Purchasing the latter at a certified jewelry store is not just the most affordable means to own a ring, but it is more eco-friendly than others. This information might help if you are wondering where to buy diamonds next year.

It reduces not just the requirement for new jewelry to be made, but also diamond mining. When diamonds do not have to be mined in a large quantity, it means that much less toll on the environment. Mining is something that has an environmental impact in every place where it is done.

Size Is Not Everything

We are seeing that customers are gravitating from big, flashy gemstone engagement rings to those with smaller diamonds of superior quality. More and more customers seek more versatile jewelry pieces, such as an engagement ring they can sport when at work, exercising or dating at night. Celebrities are also following this trend; actor Kristen Wiig rocks a pave-set diamond band featuring an elegant center stone.

Minimalist and Dainty

After the jewelry trend of simple and subtle pieces, we expect dainty rings to be trendier next year than in 2019. Pave or thin bands are also a popular option because these make the stone the principal focus of the engagement ring. In 2019, stackable rings were atop the list of jewelry trends. We expect to see many stacked thin metal band rings soon. It is a classic and sophisticated look, which will sparkle next year.

White Gold

This kind of gold is made of pure gold combined with alloys, and it has a stunning silver-white color that complements every gemstone. It is ideal for people who prefer to wear a neutral color over rose or yellow. Subtlety is going to reemerge next year, so the color of rings is expected to follow this particular trend, and this gold will become a more affordable and popular option for to-be-engaged people.

The Princess Shape Comeback

Interestingly, the princess diamond appears to be making a strong comeback next year. It is a one of a kind geometric shape having royal flair and subtle elegance.

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