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Engagements and weddings are regarded as the most auspicious and significant occasions in the life of almost every couple. After all, it marks your eternal union with your loved one. Even though these occasions are mainly about your union, diamond engagement and wedding rings tend to overpower all other aspects in most cases. In fact, if you break the news of your engagement to your friends or relatives, the first thing they will ask for after congratulating you will be about the sparkling rock.

While engagement rings are regarded as the symbol of the love and commitment shared by a couple, it has become a status quotient these days. Some people indeed started measuring the love between the couples based on the carat weight of their diamond ring. When it comes to weddings, both the partners are expected to flaunt their gleaming baubles. Otherwise, people will judge you and start thinking that you are not committed. In short, diamond rings have become an indispensable or ubiquitous element when it comes to commitment and marriage.

As a result, the number of physical and online diamond retailers has increased phenomenally. Still, it is recommended to purchase only from reputable diamond dealers. Anyways, was it always like this? Were diamond rings regarded as one of the most coveted options even before many decades? If you are also wondering about such things, read this article to know more.

The History of Wedding Rings

While most of the traditions that millennial couples tend to follow are relatively new, the wedding rings boast a long and rich history as the coveted symbol of love and unity. Do you know that you are being a part of the ancient traditions as you put on your wedding band? Are you feeling curious to know about these traditions and beliefs? Then, go through the points given below.

The Earliest Wedding Bands

The first wedding ring or the earliest example of wedding bands is reported in Egypt around 3000 years ago. According to some studies conducted in the field, couples started making their wedding bands from wood, hemp, leather, reeds, Ivory, etc., in the ancient times. Ancient Egyptian couples used to believe that the more unique and expensive their wedding rings are; the more their partners love them. Even though some people still believe in the same concept, many couples have fortunately changed their way of thinking these days. Similarly, they used to symbolize the circular shape of their wedding bands to unbreakable or eternal love. Now, this is something that we still ascribe to.

Gradually, many other cultures started adopting this beautiful wedding ring culture. The earliest predecessors to the model metals rings are Romans. It is to be noted that they used to gift iron rings to their better halves. These iron rings redefined the symbolism of wedding bands as well; it is not only just the representation of never-ending love but also of a durable and strong relationship. Gradually, they started engraving the faces of their prospective partners on their bands making them one of the first people to personalize their wedding rings.

Why Do you Put Wedding Rings on the Left Hand?

One of the ancient wedding band traditions that haven’t changed yet is the practice of putting the rings on the ring finger of the left hand. Of course, most couples may wonder about the reason behind this act. Note that there are mainly two common theories that explain how this practice began.

According to one theory, the polytheistic countries like the Romans and Greeks used to believe that the ring finger of the left hand boasts the ‘vein of love’ or ‘vena amoris’. According to them, this vein runs directly from the ring finger to the heart. Hence, by putting the wedding band on this ring, your partner is reserving the closest position in your heart. Even though this is such a romantic theory, everyone is aware the human circulatory system does not work this way. Still, this ring placing tradition hasn’t changed yet.

Another belief that paved the way to this tradition is associated with Christianity. During Christian weddings, the priest will chant some prayers and close it with the phrase, “’in the name of the father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”. Once he closes the prayer with this phrase, the minister will start touching the fingers starting from the thumb; one each for the father, son, and the Holy Spirit. Finally, the priest would say “amen” and ask the couples to place the rings on the fourth finger to seal their matrimony. Again, not everyone has the same beliefs. The bottom line is that no specific reason is yet cited behind this ring placement tradition.

A Diamond is Forever

This phrase is one of the main reasons that encouraged the popularity of diamond wedding bands. While diamond wedding rings were exchanged only by wealthy couples in past centuries. Nowadays, things have changed and there will be hardly any person, especially a couple who does not own a diamond ring.

However, it featured multiple iterations. While 15th-century European couples opted for eye-catching diamond rings, Jewish couples opted for wedding bands made of just solid silver or gold. According to the latter, the lack of metal works and gemstones represented uncomplicated matrimony. Eventually, many connotations and meanings came into existence and all those contributed to shaping the modern diamond wedding rings.

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