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Raising awareness about “blood diamonds” helps people make an ethical decision, which is to buy the conflict-free stones. Here are some facts you should know about these ethical diamonds, whose mining have not happened in a region of armed conflict and trading have not funded the fighting.

  1. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) requires that diamonds be sealed inside tamper-proof storage containers when in transit. Diamonds should also have forgery-resistant certificates stating that they are from a source free of any conflict. There is a unique number in the certificate, and finding it laser-inscribed onto the diamond girdle is not uncommon.
  2. The Kimberley Process, however, is far from being perfect for keeping conflict diamonds at bay. Participation in it is voluntary, and it only prevents rebel forces from utilizing diamonds to finance war efforts. It does not call for independent auditing of the concerned diamond traders. There is no requirement for each diamond to be traced back to its mine of origin.
  3. The 2006 movie Blood Diamond, starring the Oscar-winner actor Leonardo DiCaprio, details all the gory information of Sierra Leone’s conflict diamond segment. As its writer Charles Leavitt knew that big diamond companies would almost surely sue him, he ensured that all aspects of the movie script were fully researched and were portrayed truthfully. Blood Diamond bagged five Oscar nominations, and is a tipping point or factor in turning public indifference concerning blood diamonds into outrage.
  4. Blood diamonds have resulted in around four million deaths until November 2017. During the civil war, the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) used violence, threats and dismembered innocent villagers to take over the mines in Sierra Leone. Even as the civil war continued, 20,000 people were mutilated in Sierra Leone and millions escaped from the nation. The revenue from those diamond mines financed the Revolutionary United Front’s coup, plus they forced the villagers to guard them.
  5. Smuggling is the most common way through which conflict diamonds make their way into legal trade. Diamonds are smuggled across the border from a nation that is not safe to a safe one. These are then relabeled and certified as diamonds being sourced in the safe nation rather than in their original one. For example, Guinea has at different points exported more of these stones that it could have mined.

If you are conscious about ethicality and eco-friendliness, do research about the best place to buy diamonds from. We know Botswana diamonds are ethical. There are many similar other places, from where conflict-free diamonds come to the online market.

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