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The most common problem everyone faces when buying diamonds is to differentiate between real and fake diamonds. This issue becomes more prominent when you buy diamonds online. Many people are reluctant to buy diamonds online as they fear the authenticity of the stone. So when you buy diamonds online, buy only from reputed diamond dealers. Conduct a research to find who sells the best diamonds and purchase only from them.

There are some easy methods to identify between a fake and real diamonds. Many of them can be done at home and don’t need and special equipments or settings. Some simple tests to find out if a diamond is real or fake are given below which you can try easily.

The Water Test

This test can be used for the loose stones only. Take a normal glass and fill three quarter of it with water. Drop the diamond gently in to the water and see if it sinks or floats. If the diamond is real then it will sink as real diamonds are extremely dense. If the stone floats in the water or comes to the surface, then it is fake.

The Fog or Breath Test

For this test hold the diamond between your thumb and forefinger and exhale on the diamond with a quick puff of air. A foggy film will appear on the stone when you do it. If the diamond is real the fog will dissipates immediately, as they are good conductors of heat. If you have to wait for several seconds for the fog to dissipate, then the diamond will be probably fake.

The Heat Test

Diamonds are really strong and will be unaffected by heat. It will not break apart even if they are subjected to high temperature. So a heat test will help you to identify fake diamonds easily.

For conducting this test heat the diamonds for 40 seconds and drop it in to cold water. If the diamond shatters then it is fake. Real diamonds will stay unaffected.

The Dot Test

Using a pen mark a tiny dot on a clean paper which is placed on a flat surface. Place the diamond directly on top of this dot such that, the flat surface is touching the paper and the pointed end will face up. Then stand over the diamond and see if the dot is visible through the diamond. If you are able to spot the round reflection inside the diamond, then it is fake. If the dot is not visible then the diamond is real.

The above test can be used to find out if a diamond is fake or real. They are very simple that you can perform them by your own.

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