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So, you are all set to propose to your significant other? Needless to mention, this is one of the most important and auspicious moments in your life. Hence, you ought to make it worth and memorable. Note that one of the most important elements of your engagement will be the sparkling diamond engagement rings. After all, it is regarded as the symbol of eternal love and commitment in your relationship.

Thankfully, there are numerous reputable diamond dealers and stores that boast a wide range of diamond engagement ring collection. Needless to mention, always rely on the best diamond retailers to avoid getting scammed or ripped off when it comes to your diamond ring purchase. Furthermore, two of the common terms that you are likely to hear during your diamond ring hunt will be the diamond cut and shape. In fact, most people have a misconception that both these terms are the same or interchangeable.

Diamond Cut

The cut is an important attribute to determine the quality of a diamond. It plays a major role when it comes to the light performance and, thereby, the brilliance of the gemstones. Hence, you can never compromise on the diamond ring cuts. After all, the ultimate sparkle of a diamond is the main factor that attracts people and makes diamonds one of the spellbinding rarities in the world.

In simple words, the diamond cut can be defined as the faceting pattern or organization within a diamond. There are ten diamond cuts; the classic round brilliant cut and 9 fancy cuts including cushion, princess, marquise, emerald, pear, oval, etc.

Diamond Shape

The diamond shape is the physical outline of a gemstone. Unlike diamond cuts, it will be easier for buyers to understand the concept of diamond shapes. Hence, this will be the first decision that most couples tend to make when looking for a diamond engagement ring. The most popular diamond shape in the field so far is the round. Additionally, you may also find breathtaking fancy shapes that define the outline of diamonds in unique ways. Some of those popular options include square, rectangular, oval, etc.

Some couples tend to choose a diamond shape just because it is currently trending in the field. However, diamond ring trends tend to change frequently. Hence, it is always recommended to consider a shape that complements the style, personality, and finger type of the wearer. Note that you are likely to wear your diamond engagement ring for the rest of your life. So, this will be the best way to keep your rings from going out of vogue even after decades. To conclude, while the shape defines the physical appeal of a diamond, the cut refers to its brilliance, fire, and scintillation.

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