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Engagement Ring Ideas

A promise ring is the sign of commitment between two people who wants to be in a serious relationship. It is exchanged between couples who need to be in long term commitment and love.

Promise ring indicates certain points like

  • I promise to love you always
  • I’m in serious relationship with you
  • I promise you to give up my bad habits
  • We will be marrying one day
  • I want to be your best friend and partner always

Engagement Ring and Promise Ring

Couples who need to be in long term relationship will eventually move on to wedding ring from promise ring.

Which Finger to Wear the Promise Ring?

Promise ring is worn on the left hand third finger which is usually replaced by engagement ring that is eventually replaced by wedding ring at appropriate times.

Promise rings worn on the right hand are not considered a sign of marriage. Some couples prefer to wear the pre engagement ring on right hand to avoid confusion of being engaged.

History of Promise Rings

The idea of giving promise rings originated from ancient times. Since then the couples were betrothed with a legal binding ceremony rather than giving promising ring.

The groom to be will give a promise ring to his fiancée to ensure the validity of being married.

Designing your Own Promise Ring and Engagement Rings

Couples can customize and design their promise ring and engagement ring. They can combine the eye catchy designs of precious stones like ruby, emerald, sapphires, and diamonds. Varieties of designs are available online with gold or diamond.

Engagement Ring Ideas

Engagement rings are a sign of commitment and eternity of a long term relationship. Uniqueness in ring design is a sign of healthy and modest relationship.

Varieties of designs are available like

  • Sapphire engagement rings
  • Emerald engagement rings
  • Ruby Engagement rings
  • Platinum engagement rings
  • White gold engagement rings
  • Yellow gold engagement rings
  • Diamond engagement rings

Gifting Promise ring and engagement ring represents the validity and commitment of your unique love story. Finding the best designs and models online will be a good idea to design your unique rings.

Tips for Giving Promise Ring

During promise ring exchange the couples should say some words.

Preferred words used while exchanging the ring is “The ring is a symbol of my love for you and my plans to marry you”. “Until we are joined in marriage, this ring is a testament to my commitment to our relationship.” A promise solidifies the bond between two people.

Promise ring exchange shows the commitment of couples being there for a lifetime. A promise ring shows

  • An outward symbol of promise for commitment.
  • That the person will return from war, college or forced separation.
  • That the person will be a best friend.
  • That the person will be faithful.

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