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Diamonds are indeed one of the costliest substances you can buy. In addition, they are available in different varieties of designs that it could be a bit confusing when it comes to buying diamonds. There is a chance that you may splash out a huge amount of money on low quality diamonds. What you need to understand is that by following a few simple rules, you can purchase a good quality diamond at an affordable rate. Below are a few tips to help you buy diamonds in a smart way.

Carat Does Not Necessarily Mean Size

It is quite understandable that you assume the difference in carat size by looking at the carat count. For instance, you may think that just because a 1 carat diamond is more in carat count than a 0.90 carat diamond, it is larger in size. However, this assumption is wrong.

Both these diamonds could have a deep pavilion or a thick girdle. Due to this, the table will be smaller, in spite of retaining the same weight as another diamond that is cut differently. Hence, always be careful while judging a diamond with their carat count.

Another fact you need to remember is that different diamonds are cut differently. White diamonds are cut to get maximum brilliance, whereas fancy colored diamonds are cut to showcase the color. Hence, keep these factors in mind before buying a diamond solely based on their carat count.

Be Mindful of the Color

Color is a very important criterion when it comes to the pricing of a diamond. Hence, you need to consider that too before choosing a diamond. As for white diamonds, consider the setting. For example, if you want to buy a yellow ring, then the white diamond will also reflect the same color back. Thus, opting for a D color diamond is not a good option here. In this case, choose a lower colored diamond. Similarly, it is advised to stay above G color diamond for white gold or platinum.

Categories of Fancy Colored Diamonds

Note that there are different groups of colored diamonds. Affordable diamonds include brown, grey, and yellow; the medium level includes blue and orange; while the ultra-rare and expensive ones are green, pink, purple, red, and violet.

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The important thing to note here is that every color has a secondary hue that is usually cheaper than the original color. For instance, you can get a brownish pink diamond for much lower price than a pure pink diamond. Hence, if you are fond of a particular colored diamond, you can crosscheck its secondary color to bargain the price. This way, you can save a big amount of money by knowing where to buy diamonds at a lower rate.

Low Clarity Can Be a Boon

Nowadays, technology has grown to an extent that high-resolution images of the diamonds are available to you. This means you can inspect the diamonds to high clarity levels and examine it for yourselves. Most websites provide you the highly magnified images of diamonds. The irony is that when these diamonds are viewed at normal resolution, the flaws and inclusions would be invisible. These blemishes are only visible when looked at through a magnifying lens.

Besides, on account of the clarity, diamonds without flaws are sold at a much higher price than those with flaws. It is a waste of money to pay for something, which would not be visible to the naked eyes. Hence, buying lower clarity diamonds with no visible inclusions is a great idea to save money on diamonds.

Round Shaped Diamonds

The most popular diamond shapes are round and princess cut diamonds. However, note that these have great alternatives that cost you much lesser. In fact, the substitutes could help you save up to 20-50% of your money.

One of the best alternatives for round diamonds is oval cut diamonds. These are not only cheaper, but they also appear larger than round cut stones. Similarly, an ideal preference for princess cut diamond would be a squarish radiant cut or a cushion cut diamond.

Note that shape also has a big impact on the price of diamonds. This is because during the shaping process, much of the rough diamond is lost to create a gem quality cut that allows more light to enter the body of the diamond. As a result, the intensity of the color changes. For instance, a round fancy pink diamond may become even more pricier if it was given a cushion cut.

Fluorescence of Diamonds

Fluorescence is considered a flaw in the diamond industry. However, this property is impossible for the untrained eyes to detect. Therefore, by choosing a lower color grade diamond with fluorescence, you can save double the amount of money. Nevertheless, make sure that the diamond fluorescence is not readily visible.

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