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You must be familiar with the Kimberley process which assures that the diamonds sold do not become a source for rebel funded trade. There is a common misconception that these diamonds are free of unethical practices like child labor, environmental degradation, and violence. It is possible to get ethically sourced diamonds through the sources discussed below. Remember that these options will ensure that the diamonds are not obtained from mines involved in violence. However, these sources obviously take from the income sources of the African communities.

Canadian Diamonds

Canada may not be associated with diamond mining if you refer to the old sources. This is because the country is one of the recent producers of the diamond. The country has emerged with a few mines that produce excellent quality diamonds. Majority of the diamonds can be traced to their sources. Note that Canada has strict laws in place regarding the environmental impact of mining. Further, the labor laws ensure there is no discrimination in the mines here and that the indigenous people are unaffected.

Lab-Created Diamonds

Lab-created diamonds are also known as synthetic diamonds or lab-grown diamonds. These are yet another way of ensuring ethically sourced diamonds. They are essentially man-made and look highly similar to their natural counterparts. Besides, since they are created inside the labs, they pose no harm to the environment. Remember that these also come with slight disadvantages. They are sometimes costlier than natural diamonds. Further, they have very little resale value.

Recycled Diamonds

Said to be the world’s largest diamond resource according to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the recycled diamonds are among the last options to get a diamond. However, these are growing in popularity among consumers who want ethically sourced diamonds and those without any environmental issues attached to them. Similar to the recently mined diamonds, the recycled diamonds are made by taking them out of their initial settings and in many cases, re-polished, recut or re-certified.

Kalahari Dream

This is one of the more recent solutions that have come to the market. In case you are a customer who is concerned with staying clear of ethical dangers while supporting the local community in whichever ways you can, this is the solution for you. Kalahari Dream is a new system established by a major diamond seller. It sells diamonds to the customer directly after having purchased them from the southern African mining companies. These are also manufactured through the Botswana polishing facility which employs thousands of citizens.

If you want to get ethically sourced diamonds, you may follow one of the above sources to find the best diamonds online.

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