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An engagement ring is not just any piece of jewelry, especially for women. It is a one-time purchase and is meant to last for a lifetime. After all, it is a romantic connotation of your amazing bonding with your significant other. Furthermore, women are likely to wear it for the rest of their life. While some women opt to wear it occasionally, a majority of women prefer wearing it daily. While it is often recommended to take off your diamond rings while indulging in activities such as gardening, doing dishes, workouts, etc., some women find it uncomfortable to do this throughout a day. Hence, you will have to ponder much when choosing a diamond engagement ring for your significant other, especially regarding her lifestyle.

In most cases, guys tend to play safe by choosing bezel-set or channel-set diamond engagement rings for their better halves in such cases. However, not every person who leads an active lifestyle would love such understated settings. Rather, most women love flaunting something that boasts special effects; the perfect recipe for this is floating diamond rings. Of course, this is not exactly the right choice for people who indulge in hands-on activities. Still, you can carry it comfortably if you buy it from any of the best diamond retailers who will be there to back you when needed. Note that top diamond dealers usually provide free maintenance, repair discounts, and insurance coverage for your valuable sparklers.

The magnificence of floating diamond rings

The floating diamond ring setting is a splendid way to highlight the center diamond while defining and amplifying the sparkle of the accent stones. However, there are few factors that you must keep in mind when shopping for these spellbinding beauties. Some of those outstanding points are listed below.

What are floating diamond rings?

In this type of setting, the main gemstone will create an illusion of floating in the air making it even more defined and prominent. Hence, it got the name. Usually, the shank or band of these ring designs tends to divert away from the main gemstone to maintain the impression that the sparkling gemstone is afloat.

Tension set diamond rings

One of the perfect examples for this is the tension-set diamond ring designs. Note that the center stone is secured by means of the tensile force exerted by the diamond ring band from each side in the tension diamond ring setting. This will make viewers feel that the diamond is suspended freely in the air. However, there will be tiny seamless grooves at the edges of the open band in this setting to ensure the security of the gemstone.

Floating halo setting

Another popular example of floating diamond ring designs is a floating halo setting. In this design, the floating appeal is created by setting the main gemstone one level higher than the halo. Needless to mention, this setting is more secure when compared to the former example. Furthermore, many diamond ring buyers tend to confuse a tension diamond ring with its floating halo counterpart. Note that while the center stone is secured by means of pressure in the former, the latter features prongs or other types of fasteners. Plus, every floating diamond rings are not tension-set.

Things to consider before choosing a floating diamond ring

The setting of floating diamond rings is so unique that people might think twice whether or not this is the right choice for them. If you are also facing such a dilemma, think about your lifestyle first. That being said, a floating diamond ring is susceptible to damages. In fact, it can hardly withstand any heavy blow making it an unsuitable choice for the people who lead an active lifestyle.

Plus, this is not a wise option if your better half prefers wearing the ring like forever since the valuable center stone of a floating diamond ring is not secured using any metal setting. In simple words, go for this choice if your lady love is into the fashion or finance field where hands-on tasks are way less. Again, if your love adores this design, get it for her but from any of the best diamond retailers.

Popular floating diamond ring designs

Do you feel that your partner is the most magical thing that has ever happened to you? Then, it is your responsibility to choose a ring that is equally magical and special for her. For this, what will be a better choice than an astonishing floating diamond engagement ring? However, not every floating diamond ring design is the same. Rather, every design flaunts its own unique characteristics.

One of the popular and classic choices is the floating solitaire diamond ring. In this design, the main gemstone is secured using an open-style bar prong on four sides to create an impression of a floating diamond. This will be a perfect option for someone who adores classic designs but with a twist of contemporary touch.

Another perfect choice that you may consider is a twisted floating diamond ring design where the center stone is balanced perfectly by its shanks that diverge at the center. This design resembles a bypass diamond ring. Furthermore, the whole band of the ring is paved with tiny diamonds to showcase a gleaming spectacle. This will be just the right choice for a woman who loves elegant and petite designs.

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