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Everyone would be familiar with diamond accents or side stones that cater to enhance the appeal of the center stone in a ring. Diamond chips are a type of accent stone, but less popular when compared to the usual ones. Of course, most people would be confused about whether or not to choose a jewelry piece studded with diamond chips, how these chips are created, etc. If you are also wondering about the same, you may refer to the points given below.

While cutting a diamond to a specific shape, some pieces may break off the bigger stones. These tiny pieces are known as diamond chips. Unlike usual accent diamonds, diamond chips will not be cut to any particular shape or polished. It will be like broken sparkling glass pieces. The asymmetrical diamond accents are mainly seen in antique and vintage jewelry pieces. However, diamond chips are rarely used in the jewelry pieces these days. Currently, most people usually refer to side stones surrounding the center stone as diamond chips.  So, if you want real diamond chips in your sparklers, make sure to purchase the stones from reputable diamond dealers that deal with vintage jewelry pieces.

In the olden days, the diamond cutting and polishing processes were not as advanced as today. Hence, it was extremely challenging to shape and cut facets in tiny diamond pieces. This explains why diamond chips were so popular in the past. Now, diamond chips are cut and polished well employing the developed technology and are often termed as single-cut diamonds. Nevertheless, there are some differences between diamond chips and single-cut diamonds. While single-cut diamonds feature perfectly faceted cut and round shape, diamond chips are asymmetrical in shape and will not be perfectly faceted. Now, if you are wondering whether a single-cut diamond and a round brilliant diamond is the same, the former feature only 15 to 16 facets. On the other hand, the latter is beautified with 57 to 58 facets making it even more brilliant and appealing.

Furthermore, if you are planning to purchase a diamond ring from one of the best diamond retailers, it will be better to consider single-cut diamonds over diamond chips to boost up its overall appeal. Note that the latter is not cut perfectly or shaped and hence, its light performance will be poor and so will be its brilliance and fire. Besides, the appeal of a ring studded with perfectly shaped single-cut diamonds will be way better than the one that features asymmetrical diamond chips. Nevertheless, you may go for the latter option if you give priority to the cost of your sparkler than its appeal.

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