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The center diamond of your engagement ring is the symbol of your love and commitment towards your partner. Hence, it ought to be really special and unique. Even though there are many diamond ring shapes available in the stores, nothing can beat the charm of a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring. After all, the heart has always been regarded as the symbol of pure love, romance, and passion.

A heart diamond typically boasts around 59 facets and will be extremely sparkling. Furthermore, this diamond shape is not counted amongst the most popular ones. Hence, the availability of heart diamonds will be limited unlike round brilliants, princess cut, etc., making this eye-catching gemstone a rare and unique jewelry choice. However, choosing the perfect heart shaped diamond ring is a bit tricky since you have to consider many factors. Some of those important points that you must consider even if you are shopping at reputable diamond dealers are given below.

Perfect Symmetry

Unlike other diamond shapes, it requires great skill, expertise, patience to cut a heart diamond. Any simple mistake can ruin its overall appeal. The main factor that highlights the beauty of a heart-shaped diamond is its symmetry. In a perfectly cut heart diamond, both the sides will be the exact mirror image of each other. If there is even a slight disproportion in the symmetry, it will show off. Besides, the cleft in between the two halves of the heart diamond must be very distinct and clear. Plus, the wings of the stone must be perfectly rounded.

Length-to-Width Ratio (LTW)

The length-to-width ratio is an important factor in the case of almost every fancy cut diamond. LTW of a standard heart shaped diamond is 1.00. Note that heart diamonds with LTW lower than 0.95 will look wider and the ones with LTW higher than 1.05 will look elongated and narrow. People with slender fingers often go for the former option. Actually, there is no standard option in this case since it entirely depends on your personal preference. Still, narrow heart diamonds will not look that flattering on rings. In the case you wish to buy diamonds online, the LTW will be given under the stone’s description.

Bow Tie Effect

In some heart diamonds, you can see the bow tie effect. That is, there will be some darkened areas on the surface of the stone, which looks like the shape of a man’s bow tie. This occurs due to misaligned facets and poor cut quality that create shadows within the diamond as light passes through it. In some heart diamonds, the bow tie effect will be unnoticeable, whereas it will be evident in some others. Sadly, this flaw will not be included in the grading report, which means you need to inspect the diamond yourself for the same.

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