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A channel setting is characterized by a specially cut channel which has gemstones including diamonds embedded into it. It uses thicker metal to protect the diamond used. As there are no prongs in use, it can be called snag-free. Channel settings could have center stones in some cases, or have stones lining its length. This setting is perfect to offer security to smaller diamonds within a band and can be bought from the sites that sell best diamonds online. They are usually set among the grooves in the channel. Below is a discussion on the features of this setting and their pros and cons.

Choosing A Channel Engagement Ring

A channel setting ensures that your diamond ring sparkles among the crowd. Since there are no prongs involved, you will not have to worry about getting it stuck somewhere, and it is secure too. It draws more attention due to the presence of a number of diamonds. It is commonly used as stackable wedding bands rings and wedding bands which have a center stone surrounded by a center stone.

Channel Settings For Major Shapes

Its classic design and supportive nature make it a preferred option. They match well with several diamond shapes. Besides, they come in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum

Pros And Cons Of A Channel Setting

There are advantages and disadvantages to every setting. Channel setting is no exception. Below are the pros of this setting.


This setting holds diamonds securely and offers protection from any external impacts.

It improves the sparkle of the ring with the help of side stones.

It maintains a sharp design while maintaining its stability

It does not stand a chance to snag on clothes, hair or other materials.


Channel setting usually takes more effort and time to clean. It is possible that dirt and other materials accumulate within the channels.

Sometimes, this setting has been observed to hide diamonds more than prong settings.

Due to the presence of a number of channels, it becomes a difficult task to resize and repair them. This is because of the possibility of becoming misaligned or bent. It is also possible that the stones get loose while you repair the ring.

Another difficulty appears in changing the size. If you change the curvature beyond proportion, the stones may fly out. It is advisable to follow the instruction of the best diamond retailers in this matter.

Make sure you bear the above facts in your mind before heading out to purchase the channel setting ring.

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