The most important purchase of any wedding function is buying the diamond wedding ring. Because of this, it is a very engaging process and fun to be involved in, as it requires asking a lot of questions to the bride. There are many factors that you should consider while choosing the wedding ring, as this is going to be a lifetime investment and you cannot replace it easily. Below listed are a few questions that you should ask for buying the perfect ring for her.

What Is Her Preferred Style?

This begins by knowing whether she likes a classic or a trendy design and this helps you to narrow down your choices and focus on one of them. This is because having clarity in the very beginning will help to save a lot of time and focus on other aspects of the wedding. Besides, brides who prefer trendy rings like to try something different even in other aspects, as they do not like to do what others do. However, it must be remembered that some of the most sought after styles are the classic ones, and many of the famous celebrity wedding rings are classic styles. This is because they have a timeless and classic appeal.

What Type Of Wedding Band Does She Prefer?

This is a very crucial question, as there shouldn’t be a mismatch between the wedding ring and the engagement ring because it can be awkward. So, when purchasing the ring ask the jeweller to show a shadow band that easily fits with the engagement ring similar to a jigsaw puzzle piece.  However, in the case of wearing both engagement and wedding rings after marriage, then it is better to avoid a shadow ring as it can look unusual. Hence, in such a case it is better to purchase a wedding ring band that has the same material of the engagement ring.

Should You Purchase A Ring Matching That Of Partner?

When purchasing the wedding ring, some couples prefer rings that match each others and this comes down to personal preferences. Hence, some prefer rings made from the same material while others opt for their preferred designs even if they do not match. Whereas, some couples have the inside of their rings engraved with names or the date of the wedding. Therefore, reputable online jewelers ask whether you want matching rings.

What Type Of Lifestyle?

The lifestyle of your partner is an important factor when taking into consideration the maintenance of the diamond wedding ring. Hence most trusted online jewelers usually ask questions such as Does she work with hands? Does she work with tools? To determine the type of diamond wedding ring sets besides the type of stone cut. Due to this, there are different types of settings such as bezel setting for those who have a very active lifestyle such as sports because it keeps the diamond secure. Moreover, the precious metal used for the band is also dependant on this factor and hence platinum is used as it is very durable and doesn’t tarnish easily.

What Type Of Wedding Band Metal?

There are many different options available such as yellow, white and rose gold as well as other precious metals such as platinum. However, some couples prefer to use a combination of rose gold and platinum to have the qualities of both metals. Because of this, there are endless options available and you must decide upon this before the purchase. Therefore, jewellers ask about the type of metal or metals required and decide upon it taking into consideration based on your inputs.

How Much Customization Is Required?

Some couples prefer simple and plain designs whereas others go for unique and customized designs to make the occasion very special. Hence, the degree of customization required will be reflected in the cost of the final wedding ring and as a result, more customized rings are more expensive and vice versa.  Due to this, a 14 karat gold band will be priced around 200$ and a platinum band will cost above 600$. Moreover, depending on the type of stone or stones used and normal or special engravings will increase the price further up. Therefore, the degree of customization is an important factor when setting the budget for the diamond engagement wedding ring.

What Is The Budget?

The budget is dependent on the stone used, wedding band material, customization if any and the diamond ring setting. It is generally advisable to invest in good band material and ring setting that can be easily maintained so that it stands the test of time. Even though wedding rings are expensive, it will appear reasonable when you consider the days that you are wearing them.

If you keep these points in mind when shopping for a wedding ring from online diamond retailers, then rest assured that your selection will not go wrong.

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