Diamond Cuts
Diamond Cuts

The most important factor when you are planning to buy a diamond is its cut. It is perhaps the most important of the 4Cs. For example, when you compare round diamonds, despite them all being of uniform shape the difference between a well-cut and a poorly cut diamond is huge which will be reflected in their price, the former being several times more expensive than the latter. Diamond cut refers to how well a diamond is cut and polished along with its symmetry and depth. A well-cut diamond will have higher brilliance and will be more beautiful, whereas a poorly cut diamond will be dull. So, what are the different types of diamond cuts?

Round Brilliant Cut

This is the most popular choice for engagement rings that has a round centre stone. They are classic and timeless as well as the most brilliant because this cut lets the maximum amount light to be reflected. The brilliant sparkle hides flaws and masks colour. Round cut diamonds are pricier than some fancy cut diamonds.


This cut was created in the 1960s and it is a very stylish and contemporary cut. This delicate and yet feminine cut became popular for its brilliance. Similar to round cut diamonds their brilliance hides flaws. The sharp corners of princess cut diamonds rend to chip.


It is also known as “pillow cut” and was introduced more than 200 years back. This cut is very much a square with rounded corners and slightly curved edges. It is one of the least expensive shapes. They are not known for their brilliance because many are poorly cut.


This cut is elegant and got the effect of making women’s finger look slender. They belong to brilliant cut diamonds and are modified round cuts. They are relatively cheaper among the brilliant cut diamonds. Majority of oval cut diamonds exhibit “bow tie effect” i.e. a dark area at the centre due to uneven light distribution.


This is sophisticated and timeless that has a step cut. It is known for its depth and lustre and has a broad rectangular table that’s similar to looking into a hall of mirrors. This is one of the cheapest cuts and hence a great choice for engagement rings. Imperfections can be spotted in this cut because of its translucence.

Asscher Cut

Some call this a square emerald cut. It is the most expensive among the fancy cuts because it has a higher crown with a smaller table. This cut has got high brilliance.

These are few of the diamond cuts and there are more diamond cuts available. It is better to go for a cut that has the least flaw.

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