Loose Diamonds
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While you are shopping for loose diamonds, the important thing that you need to take into account is the carat size. Carat size is usually a matter of preferences for the dimensionality of the diamond. You also need to have an understanding of how carat size and quality factors affect the price of diamonds. The carat weight of the stone translates to approximate size equivalents. However, depending on how the diamond is proportioned, diamonds of a particular weight can vary much in their actual size.

As the carat of a diamond increases, the cost per cart of the same also increases. This will lead to an exceptional increase in the total price of the diamond. For instance, a 1.01 carat diamond may cost 5,000 dollars per carat, or a total of 5,050 dollars for the loose diamonds. The same quality in a 2.01 carat diamond might cost 8,000 dollars per carat or a total of 16,080 dollars. This means that a diamond that is twice as big can cost about three times as much.

The carat range of a diamond that can be purchased in a given budget can be affected by the clarity and color of the same. It is usual to make some compromise in one or both of the areas. Colorless diamonds sell for premium prices like those diamonds that are in the premium range. For many of the buyers, these diamonds are essentially indistinguishable from the nearly colorless diamond that has minor inclusions. It is always important to have an understanding of the factors that speak to you while choosing a diamond that falls inside your budget.

Choosing Diamond Color

Deciding on the best color range for the diamond always depends upon the preferences of the buyer. This is because people differ much in their color acuity. Some of the buyers will be able to find a diamond color that is outside the Colorless range, while others will not be able to differentiate between colors that are many grades apart. Most of the buyers usually look for a diamond that does not look yellow to casual observers; diamonds that are in the Near Colorless range usually fit this condition.

As the Near Colorless diamonds cost much less when compared to the Colorless ones, most of the buyers will be able to find the best value in this range. Ideal cut diamonds usually appear whiter when compared to the ordinary cuts, as they return maximum ambient light falling on it to the eyes of the observer. This might overwhelm the visible body color of the diamond itself.

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