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Round and oval cut diamonds are both excellent shapes that look very elegant on your hands. Both give off an amazing amount of sparkle, and finely designed smooth edges. The fact that both these diamond designs have excellent face-up dimensions in comparison to other diamonds makes them more attractive than the remaining set of diamonds. Below is a comprehensive analysis of both the diamonds and their aspects that will help you buy the best diamonds online or from physical shops.

Oval vs. Round Diamonds

You need to have a deep understanding of both these categories of diamonds before you decide to buy one. One of the main features of an oval diamond ring is their elongated shape. This creates an illusion of a bigger shape than what its weight is supposed to carry. Besides, this also causes the sparkle to spread wider, while making it a little less intense.

Round diamonds, on the other hand, have a more classic cut. Their weight is evenly distributed and they have a compact shape. This gives it a much higher level of fire and brilliance.

Oval gemstones are found with different shape configurations. While some are slender and long, others are fuller and wider. This is determined by the length-to-width ratio of the oval diamond. The most preferred ratio is between 1.3:1 and 1.5:1. These proportions give a diamond the most attractive and balanced shape. This availability of choice of the type of oval ring is what makes it one of the best options for diamond engagement rings.

Round gemstones, meanwhile, have extremely precise cut specifications. Their perfect symmetry is one of their peculiarities. They have limited variations on how they are cut. Therefore, the number of variables you have to worry about when selecting a round center diamond is minimum. All this makes the round cut diamond a safe option.

How Well Does it Suit you?

Round brilliant cut diamonds are ideal for those looking for a traditional and classic look. For these and several other reasons, round diamonds are considered to be timeless and will remain in style for years to come. This is also because of the fact that they are the industry standard against which all other diamonds are measured against.

Thanks to the precise cutting style, the sparkle of round diamonds is incomparable. Therefore, you can be assured that the diamond will dazzle. These factors will hide the presence of any inclusions or tint within the diamond. All things said, round diamonds would cost higher than the oval diamonds.

Oval diamonds are indeed an elegant option for someone looking to get something different from the usual choice of diamonds. These diamonds are also very versatile as they suit all finger types. People with longer hands can complement their hands with oval shaped stones, while those with shorter fingers can also find a ring that suits them well.

It is true that there are several factors governing the cut of oval diamonds. Thus, you have to consider all those too before choosing an oval diamond. For instance, oval cut stones are famous for giving off more color. Furthermore, due to the presence of more stretched out inclusions, they can be noticed easily with the naked eyes.

Engagement Ring Styles for Each Shape

One of the main advantages of both these designs is that they appear amazing in every engagement ring style available with the best diamond retailers. Their soft-edged appearance forms a great match for pave settings, side stones, and all halo designs.

As for round diamonds, many people decide to put the spotlight on the sparkle of the center stone by using solitaire design. Others prefer the pave band to adorn the round diamonds. Moreover, if you want to add some more flair to the diamond, go for a cushion framed halo around the diamond and the diamond will look larger as well.

In the case of oval stones, they look great on a delicate pave band which accentuates the center diamond even more. Many people also prefer the rose gold look. Its delicate metal color adds a touch of detail to their oval engagement rings. Apart from these, there are also the halo designs like delicate micro-pave oval halo design model, which has gained much popularity in the recent days.

At the end of the day, picking the right diamond boils down to personal choice. You need to look at what suits your hands best within the range of diamonds that are befitting to your personality. Keep in mind the diamond engagement ring style that you are interested in. This will help you determine the type of diamond cut to select as well as the centerpiece.

Furthermore, remember that your diamond ring is your own responsibility. You do not have to follow what others think or may suggest. Instead, you can trust your own instincts, and choose the one diamond ring that suits you and your hands.

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