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After you decide to take the most important step in a fledgling relationship – to get engaged – one of the main tasks to set yourself at is diamond ring shopping. Nowadays, couples have plenty of stores to buy their diamond engagement rings from, but what works best is almost always a mystery going in. There is no clear-cut answer, since the best choice totally depends on your personal preference as well as convenience. However, physical jewelry stores and online diamond ring stores cover the bulk of the options you have these days. Picking between them is often hard, unless you consider the following things.

Online Diamond Ring Stores

Buying diamond rings online is one of the best options if you are looking to make an affordable purchase. A lot of the times, the cost of online diamond rings would often be just half that of their physical store counterparts. The main reason for cheaper rates is that these stores do not have to spend money on decoration, staff salaries, rent, inventory charges, etc. All of these elements significantly drop the cost of selling each jewelry item, especially in relation to diamond rings at a physical store.

Another attraction of online diamond stores is their vast range of diamond rings, which no other shopping options can beat. You can take your own time and select the ring that suits you the best, all the while sitting right at home on the living room couch. In addition, you can easily and effectively compare the diamond ring price offered by different online diamond dealers, and choose the one that offers the best bang for your buck. Thankfully, there are no pushy salespeople here to influence your purchase decisions. Furthermore, most credible online diamond dealers offer decent exchange and refund policies as an extra dose of protection to assure and win customers with.

There are some downsides as well when it comes to online diamond shopping. The prevalence of scams in the cyber scene is going up daily. If you go with the wrong online diamond dealer, you usually end up making a terrible and expensive mistake. Apart from that, the photos which you get to see on some online websites are simply stock images. Buying a ring based on these could land you in a swindle.

Obviously, you can check if a diamond merchant is credible by looking at online customer reviews. Note that this option works best when buying clothing, accessories, electronics, furniture pieces, etc, since the customer can evaluate product quality themselves after receiving each item. In contrast, a diamond would be much harder to check for authenticity with nothing but the naked eye; only a sufficiently trained person would be able to spot issues identify them correctly. That means buying diamonds online can potentially lose you a fortune.

Physical Diamond Stores

Buying a diamond ring from physical stores is a good choice when you have a flexible budget. Here, the main advantage is that you can see and touch the sparklers, before buying, and get exactly what you saw and felt before buying. Moreover, different-looking diamonds can possess similar grading in some respects; however, this does not mean that all those diamonds look the same. A grading report documents the gemological qualities of the diamonds, as opposed to its superficial ones. So, you would have to compare the visual appeal of different diamonds in order to evaluate its sparkle. When it comes to online diamond stores, you cannot really compare the brilliance of two diamonds.

Diamond engagement rings are often be the foremost diamond jewelry pieces that most people own. Still, their knowledge regarding the same is just as often limited, calling for some guidance every now and then in making the right buying choice. Physical diamond stores have salespeople doing this for you, by briefing you on the qualities of different diamonds, and helping you decide on one based on budget, lifestyle, and personality. Plus, you can clear doubts regarding your diamond ring purchase. Other than that, you can easily contact physical stores if you ever need to clean, repair, upgrade, exchange, or re-size your diamond ring.

When it comes to the cons of purchasing diamonds at physical jewelry stores, the main one is that you are likelier to spend at least 20% more here.. Moreover, salespeople a jewelry stores would obviously be biased towards their brand, and even when not, they will try and influence your shopping. If you are a first-timer, the chances of you falling for it are higher; you could end up spending way more than what you had planned to. In some cases, you only get to see the original light performance of the ring after reaching home, subsequent to making the purchase. Note that the bright lighting inside most physical jewelry stores makes poor-quality diamonds look simply awesome.

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