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Buy Diamonds Online

The first image that comes to your mind when you think about diamonds must be the shining, bright white stone that is crystal clear. But, have you heard of fancy colored diamonds? These are diamonds available in a different range of colors. However, to understand what they really are, you should know the difference between a colorless diamond and fancy colored diamonds.

What Is Diamond Color?

The color of a diamond is a factor that determines its quality like its carat, cut and clarity. The color of the 4C’s compares the color of the diamond to the white, clear color of an ideal diamond.

Diamonds are formed after millions of years and several factors affect the formation of these stones. Due to these varying factors, not all diamonds are the same. Some are clear and shine brighter, whereas some have a yellow tinge and are dull looking. It is here that the diamond color is graded. A perfect diamond will naturally be colorless and bright. As the quality of the color (of the 4C’s) decreases, its lustre will decrease, so will its color (it will slightly move to yellow).

The coloring grade of diamonds starts from D to Z, where D is the most expensive and colorless diamond. Now, let’s see how fancy color diamonds are different.

What Are Fancy Color Diamonds?

Unlike common perception, diamonds can naturally come in colors other than white. They can be pink, red, green, black or any other color. The abundance of each color varies. Colors like blue are rare whereas colors like yellow and brown are very common. The color of these diamonds is also graded.

The grading of fancy color diamonds is longer than you would have expected. This include.

  • Light
  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Vivid
  • Fancy Deep
  • Fancy Dark

Fancy color diamonds are categorised depending on two factors- tone and saturation of the color. The tone of the diamond color is the shade of the color (for example- light or dark blue). The saturation of the color is the strength of the color in the diamond. Darker and vivid shades are difficult to find, making them expensive. However, this observation cannot be generalised, as some colors do not occur in particular tones or saturations.

Fancy color diamonds have gained popularity recently because of its rarity and uniqueness. The diamond market has become used to the ideal colorless diamonds, that the sales of fancy colored diamonds increased. Also, blue and pink diamonds are the rarest and are the most coveted among the group.

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