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Diamonds that are antique cut are mostly exceptional as they are rare diamonds that offer beautiful as well as soft appearance than any other cuts. These are often great choices for people who are in the lookout of vintage and antique styles.

What are Antique and European Cuts?

European and Antique cut diamonds are those that were cut between the time period of 1300 and 1930. Many different varieties of antique diamond cuts are available for purchase in the diamond market and it depends mainly on the period and jeweler who cuts the diamonds. Most antique cut diamonds have a soulful appearance and the most vital feature of these kinds of diamonds is that it sparkle less than most of the modern cut stones.

Antique cuts impart large faceting and a softer look for diamonds and the antique appearance attracts many people who look for vintage styles in diamonds.

European Cut

The European cut was formed during the 1800s and has managed to stay as a design even now throughout the Edwardian era, Art Deco period and the Victorian era. This cut has so much similarity to the old mine cut and has features things like a high crown, small table, and large cullet.

The European cut is round in shape and is mostly cut less precisely which helps in making the shape look more organic. This cut is also regarded as one of the most advanced styles of antique cuts that is available these days.

Reasons for Choosing Antique and European Cuts

It would be the best option for people to wear a stone which is regarded as one of a kind, especially for people who adore antique and vintage styles for their diamonds. Both European and Antique cuts in diamonds offer a romantic as well as classic feel to the ring you carry.

Antique diamonds are regarded as a better option mainly for people who are in search of a choice that is more sustainable as choosing to wear diamonds that are repurposed can often be enlightening about the social concerns. It is always the best to choose jewelry that does not cause harm to the environment as it can bring you a lot of peace of mind knowing that you have chosen a stone that is good for everyone.

Loose European cut diamonds do not cost much as compared to modern cut diamonds, especially when you order diamonds online. They do not need mining and other costs that are related to it. Antique diamonds that have similar weight in carat would also be twenty percentage less expensive than modern cut diamonds.

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