Best Diamonds To Buy
Best Diamonds To Buy

With the changes in market trends and customer preferences, we can find several diamond shapes that go out of fashion. This is why many people think of a cut upgrade to their diamonds. For instance, the marquise cut is one of the recent cuts to lose popularity. It is rumored that the classic antique cut of marquise will look old-fashioned. However, we can still find a few who love this particular cut. Therefore, while considering the best diamonds to buy, you need to take into account the shape of the diamond.

Does A Diamond Shape Affect Its Value? 

Our thought process revolves around the belief that popularity does not have much of an effect on the resale value of diamonds. However, many sellers consider the popularity of diamond shapes while evaluating a diamond. If you are trying to sell your diamond, the buyer might deduct value for an outdated cut. They may deduct this value as they need to consider the cost associated with recutting the diamond to get the best price for the same.

While recutting a diamond, a jeweler will not remove an excessive amount from the diamond to have a more desirable cut. This is because if more diamond is lost during the cutting process, it could result in loss of value from the decreased carat weight. This is why many marquises cut diamonds are commonly cut into oval or pear cut diamonds.

How Can Recutting Increase Diamond Value? 

Sometimes, recutting a diamond can also help remove some inclusions. For instance, if a marquise cut diamond has a crystal, feather, or other types of blemish in one of the points, cutting off the point can help increase the quality of the diamond. If there is a significant decrease in the inclusion of a diamond after recutting, the jeweler may even send it to be graded again by gemological labs like GIA or AGS to increase the value of the same.

If you are planning to sell your diamond, you need to know all the factors that a jeweler takes into account while evaluating the same. Even if you are using your diamond as collateral to have an asset-based loan, jewelers consider these factors. Some of the best online diamond store share these factors on their websites for their customers to learn more about them. These factors are also applicable when you buy diamonds. Moreover, knowing these factors can help you choose the best shape while planning to recut your diamond.

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