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The sparkle and budget of your diamond engagement rings is not the only issue or dilemma you are likely to face while shopping for diamond engagement rings. One of the overwhelming tasks, in this case, will be to choose a sparkler that complements and accentuate the beauty of your finger type. However, things tend to get a bit tricky if you have skinny fingers and bigger knuckles. The rings that easily slide over the knuckles are unlikely to stay flush at the base of the finger and may keep rolling the whole time. Plus, the constant feeling of loose diamond rings on the finger may keep you uncomfortable.

In case you choose a perfect fit diamond ring to tackle this issue, it is unlikely to get past your knuckle. In case you succeeded, it is likely to result in inflaming your delicate knuckles. Note that this is not a single-use ring and you will have to take it off multiple times under certain circumstances such as gardening, cleaning, gym workouts, etc. If you are also suffering from the same issue, there are certain points that you must keep in mind to avoid injuring your knuckles or buying a loose diamond ring.

The first option is obviously to get the exact size of your finger. Note that the finger size of humans tend to vary depending on the weather, climate, the food you eat, your profession, etc. So, you cannot expect to get a perfect ring size. Rather, choose a ring size that sits comfortably on your finger most of the time. For this, it is better to measure your finger size in the mid to late noon since the size of your fingers will be at its maximum during this time.

It is also recommended to take the measurements of the correct part of your finger that is neither too skinny nor too bulky. Choose a multi-sizer strap that goes around the best fleshy part of your finger for this. Plus, relying on online diamond retailers in this case will not be a good idea. Rather, go to any of the best diamond seller around you and get your exact ring size.

Furthermore, it is always better to choose a ring that is slightly tight over the knuckle. You can easily take off and wear such sparklers by applying a little amount of lotion or oil. Otherwise, you can choose slightly large engagement bands with a rubber inlay that will keep it steady on your fingers and will easily slide over your enlarged knuckles as well.

Some people, on the other hand, may simply ditch the tradition and choose to wear their diamond engagement rings on the finger that they are most comfortable with. After all, the whole point is about flaunting the symbol of your love without compromising on your comfort. Note that you are likely to wear the ring for a lifetime

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