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Oval cut diamond is really a delightful choice for your engagement ring. The beautiful oval cut diamond gives a beautiful twist to the common round brilliant diamond. Due to its elongated shape and greater surface area, this stone would look really spectacular on women having large hands or long fingers. In fact, this incredible diamond cut looks spectacular in a variety of settings as long as you match the shape of center stone with the setting. Below are the best oval diamond settings for engagement rings.

Halo Setting

Many people prefer the halo setting for oval cut gemstones. The most famous example for this is Princess Diana’s engagement ring, now worn by Kate Middleton. This spectacular ring features a center sapphire that is surrounded by a halo of diamonds. The halo setting would actually magnify brilliance and fire of the oval cut stone, even more if it were a diamond. This also turns out to be a good option for enhancing your ring if you are unable to afford a large centerpiece stone.

Solitaire Setting

This is the most widely used setting for oval cut diamond rings, as it magnifies the distinctive shape and sparkle of the center diamond. A perfect example of this would be Amber Rose’s jaw-dropping 10 carat solitaire set diamond engagement ring, which she received from Wiz Khalifa. You may not be able to afford a ring as big as that, but you can always follow the same solitaire setting style to showcase your sparkler.

You could also change the band color to add a beautiful twist to the appeal of the ring. One option is to use the rose gold because it goes on very well with oval cut diamonds. In this way, you would be able to add a splash of vivid color to the ring, and give it a classy look at the same time.

Vintage Inspired Setting

You could also select an antique setting for an oval centerpiece gemstone. There are a number of vintage inspired settings out there, which could bring your oval diamond centerpiece to its perfection. For instance, you can go for the Edwardian setting for the oval cut diamond ring to get an elegant and graceful look. In fact, choosing a vintage inspired setting for your oval cut diamond promises you a unique and exceptional ring, because only a few people choose this setting for engagement rings.

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