Everyone who has ever bought a diamond has had it in their mind to get the best value for their buck. The trick here is to get the right shape to match need and preference, and get the highest-valued options under the 4 C’s, all while making sure you don’t overpay. If you still have more than one diamond at the end of that, you basically compare the individual stones based on brilliance and fire. Following are the most important factors that you should consider when buying diamonds online the right way.

  • Choose The Best Shape: When it comes to diamond shape, there are lots of options out there, each with its own plus points and shortcomings. Round Brilliants, for instance, are currently the most popular for engagement rings, because of the vivid brilliance they give off. For those that prefer something more unique in terms of shape, there is the Cushion Cut, or even the Oval. You just need to be sure before you buy that your partner is going to like it.
  • Pick The Appropriate Carat Weight: Know whether your partner has her hopes set on a 1 or 2 carat diamond. You need to be sure the stone you get is noticeable, and if you are tight on budget, you’ll want to keep from going over the top with the purchase. As a basic rule, remember that the more the carat weight, the more you would be paying. You can also bring down the cost considerably by picking a 0.95 carat stone, because such values are not rounded figures.
  • Choose Based On Cut Quality: One aspect which majorly affects the beauty of a diamond is its cut quality. Not all vendors advertise standardized cut grades, but even so, you should prefer getting an Excellent or Ideal cut diamond, especially for Round Brilliants. When seeking out a Fancy Shape, you should go in for “Premium”. Another way is to pay no attention to this aspect for Fancy Shapes, because not all vendors report grades correctly.
  • Find Out The Color Grade Range: With any diamond you buy, your goal should be to get a color that is as close to colorless as your budget can bring you. That said, you don’t necessarily have to select a D or E grade if you want a colorless gem. A G or I diamond can just as easily appear white, while costing a lot less. For optimal color, you need to balance price with appearance, and here, the shape of the stone will have something to say about how you fare.
  • Choose The Clarity Grade: As far as clarity is concerned, it is best to try for a diamond which is eye clean, which means that there shouldn’t be any inclusions or blemishes that can be seen with the naked eye. Based on the shape you pick, it is possible to achieve this by going in for something that is graded VS1 or VS2. Unless you really want it, there is no need to dish out for an IF or FL stone. Whichever way you choose to go, try and review the clarity of the diamond using a loupe if possible.
  • Compare Similar Stones: After narrowing down options based on the specifications you like, you will need to compare the ones that check every box on your list. Consider multiple aspects such as the brilliance of the diamond, the extent of its eye-clean nature, and price. Also look at fluorescence, symmetry, and polish; these have significant effect on the beauty of any stone.
  • Verify The Certificate: It is best to prefer only GIA or AGS diamonds when buying, especially in the case of loose diamonds. Keep away from EGL, IGI, and HRD if you can, because these labs have been found to be largely inconsistent when it comes to grading diamonds.
  • Get An Expert’s Opinion: Before you make the final decision to get a diamond for your loved one, make sure that an expert has reviewed your choice. A professional reviewer can take a close look at what you are planning to buy, and tell you if you can do better on your budget. That way you can also be more confident about your purchase.
  • Finish The Purchase: Once you know that your choice of diamond is the best that you’re going to get for your budget, buy it online, alongside a ring setting that suits it. Make sure you get a setting that your fiancée-to be will love, and pick a vendor that has a return policy in case you’re not satisfied.

Above was a look at how to go about buying a diamond online in the safest and smartest way possible. Learn about the 4 C’s well in advance and make sure you are familiar with how they interrelate in deciding the quality and worth of a stone.

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