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It is a well-known fact that diamonds are one of the most expensive commodities out there. There are several factors which contribute to their appearance such as setting, shape and cut. Bear in mind that there are ways to get the most of these qualities out of the diamond you end up purchasing. If you ensure that you do these checks before purchasing the diamond, you can get a better value for the money you spend on your diamond and make them appear larger. Below is a discussion on how to make your diamonds look larger.

Focus On the Right Shape

Note that the fancy-shaped diamonds appear larger than the round shaped diamonds of a similar weight. This effect is more applicable to shapes such as pear-shaped, oval and marquise, which are elongated shapes.

Many people prefer to buy shallow marquise cut diamond from among the best diamonds online sellers. These diamonds do not have the standard depth. They always appear larger than the similarly sized cuts, which have a proportional cut. However, the size that you gain would be lost when it comes to brilliance. This is because the light traveling through shallow cut diamonds are reflected back outside instead of bouncing off the sides.

Accent Stones

Accent stones are great options to add in your ring if you want to make it look larger. Having at least one diamond on both sides of a ring could make the diamond appear larger. For a three-stone ring, choose the side stones to be half the size of the main diamond to obtain the best results.

Pick a Setting That Enhances the Size

Choosing a setting that accentuates the size is one of the most obvious ways to make the diamond ring appear larger. For instance, the bezel setting or halo setting adds an additional surface of diamonds around the center diamond. This spreads out the overall diameter of your ring. Besides, it is easier to differentiate between the small individual stones. Hence, the halo setting creates an illusion that the diamond is larger.

Note that the diamonds with pave setting can be expensive and so it might be better to buy a larger ring than opt for one with pave setting.

Another great option is to get a vintage ring from the best diamond retailers. The designs from the 1940s are made with an illusion setting. This means the metal prongs are made with a square shape, thereby making the round diamonds appear square.

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