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Colored diamonds are very rare when compared to the traditional colorless diamonds. It is estimated that there will be only one naturally colored diamond in every 10,000 diamonds. Hence, it is a great option for those who desire a unique and distinct look.

Diamonds can have different colors including yellow, brown, pink, green, purple, black, etc. The color is formed because of the presence of inclusions or impurities present in them. Therefore, the colors will vary based on the nature of the element that gets trapped inside the stone during its formation.

You may not be able to find the colored diamonds you want in every jewelry shops. Hence it is better to search for online diamond dealers as they can have a variety of options for you. There will be a lot of online diamond retailers; hence, you can definitely find the stone you are looking for from any one of them easily.

The usual criteria that are used to measure the value of a colorless diamond may become irrelevant when it comes to colored diamonds. Hence, we are listing some guidelines for helping you to find out the value of colored diamonds and for selecting the right one for you.


The intensity of the color is one of the important factors you have to consider when purchasing colored diamonds. The more vivid the color is the greater will be its value. Also make sure that the color is natural and not made by artificial methods like dyeing or irradiation. Selecting reputed online diamond dealers will help you to ensure that the colored diamonds you receive are real ones.


After color, the next significant factor that decides the price of a colored diamond is its carat weight. Like the colorless diamonds, these stones will also cost more with higher carat weights. Gems with more carats can be found rarely, this makes large diamonds more valuable. Hence, the prices of colored diamonds rise considerably with carat weight.


When compared to colorless diamonds, clarity has less importance for colored diamonds. The color tend to hide the inclusions and blemishes, hence clarity will become less significant.


Unlike a colored diamond that is cut to enhance its brilliance and sparkle, colored diamonds will be cut to emphasize the color. Even though colored diamonds still exhibit brilliance, color is given prime importance.


Shape defines the outline of a diamond when it is viewed from the top. Colored diamonds will be usually cut in non-traditional shapes for accentuating their color. As colored diamonds are already rare, a specific colored diamond in a particular shape may not be available at any given time.

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