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Marriage Proposal Guidelines

Proposing to the love of your life is not that simple as it sounds. In fact, it is very important to plan things perfectly before going down on your knees for the big question. Below are some tips that would surely come handy when you plan to propose to your girl.

Time and Place to Propose

When you are sure that she is the one you want to spend your life with, the next thing to consider is when and where to propose to her. It would be best to choose a place that is meaningful to both you and your soul mate. It could be a romantic place nearby or a restaurant where you went on your first date.

Another thing to consider is the date to propose her. Choosing a date that has great significance in your relationship would be awesome, although you could also choose a date that coincides with a family gathering or a holiday. Selecting a perfect place and date would really give a concrete base to your end goal of proposing to her.

Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring would be the key part of your proposal, and therefore, it is very important to choose the best ring rather than picking a random one from the jewelry store. Researching and buying a ring would usually take about a few weeks; the process could even go longer if you would like to design your own engagement ring. Anyway, take the time needed to plan everything properly and research well before choosing the engagement ring.

Remember that the engagement ring is something that all marriages, whether modern or traditional, have in common. There are different kinds of engagement rings, like the ones with diamonds, colored gemstones, a mixture of gems and diamonds, or those without any gems. The ring is always a must when it comes to commitment though, as it would be the everlasting symbol of your love. In fact, the strong relation of engagement rings to marriage could be traced back to centuries.

Why Buy a Diamond Ring

The first recorded use of a diamond engagement ring was in 1477, when the Archduke of Austria, Maximilian, proposed to Mary, the Duchess of Burgundy, to marry him. By the 1860’s, a huge amount of diamond was discovered from the mines of South Africa which gave way to the present day tradition of diamond engagement rings. Nowadays, you would be able to find a diamond ring in more than 80% of all the marriage ceremonies.

Statistics say that diamond rings are now considered as the symbol of love and marriage universally. Diamond would really be the best choice when you think about an engagement ring because it is the hardest gemstone, and there is no other better stone, that could match up with it. The diamond, when it is cut adequately, would have unrivaled brightness, scintillation, and fire.

Set a Budget for your Diamond Ring

The common thing that could be seen in the marketing plan from the 1930’s is that it is important to spend at least two months of your salary on a diamond engagement ring. However, there is no real rule of thumb on how much you should spend on the ring. It would always be best to set a budget you can afford before you go shopping for the ring.

All of the top diamond retailers would be able to take you through a variety of beautiful diamond ring that would get along with your budget. Hence, it is needless to worry about the money when planning to purchase a diamond ring. It is a sure case that you would be able to find the perfect diamond ring that your loved one would cherish.

Researching on Styles and Quality

When it comes to the shape, size, and style of the diamond ring, there is actually a lot for you to choose from. The first step to take is to start browsing for engagement rings online. As you keep on browsing, you would get a clear idea about the 4 C’s of diamonds. These are the most important attributes that decide the price range of the diamond ring.

You would also come across the GIA-graded diamonds as you research. These diamonds are evaluated and certified by the Gemological Institute of America, a nonprofit education and research organization, which has put forth the 4 C’s concept and many other global standards for diamond grading. It is always important to ensure that your diamond is graded by the GIA, as that would give you an assurance in the quality of the diamond in the ring.

Getting an affordable diamond ring is actually a balancing act, and hence, you may have to render some trade-offs. What you and your bride-to-be give more priority to in the 4 C’s matters the most, and that is what would help you in finding your dream ring.

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