Cheapest Diamonds on the Internet
Best Diamond Alternatives

Do a search with the text string “cheapest diamonds on the internet”, and you will likely come across mention of some alternative gemstones as well. This is mostly because other gems which look similar to diamonds are cheaper in comparison, and comparably popular for that exact reason. The lower prices do not exactly mean alternative gems to diamonds are devoid of the same kind of bling factor though. Check out a list of four major bedazzling diamond alternatives below.


If all that you want is the look of a diamond without the weight of its exorbitant price, then you are in luck. Moissanite, a brilliant white gem discovered in the recent past, looks almost akin to diamonds. However, it comes with a lower price tag, usually about 90% less than what a diamond would set you back. This precious gemstone was discovered back in 1893, inside a meteor crater by the scientist Henri Moissan. As evident, the gem is named after its founder. Today, most of these which you will find in jewelry pieces are lab-created, because natural moissanite is very rare. Moissanite has many advantages. Lab-made moissanite gems are of excellent quality, are conflict-free, and environmentally friendly.


Blue sapphire is a classic gem. Before diamonds became the gemstone of choice for rings in the early 20th century, blue sapphire used to be the most popular choice in that direction. Sapphire has a rich and deep blue color that is different from that of any other gem. It is luxurious and sophisticated, and has a regal feel which made it popular among people of royal blood for centuries. Its royal association is also thanks to Kate Middleton’s well-know sapphire engagement ring passed down to her from Princess Diana.


This is a beautiful and blushing pink gem which has become very popular in recent times, probably because its hue looks the same as “millennial pink”. A romantic and stunning choice for your engagement ring centerpiece, morganite is especially lovely when paired with a rose gold band, although the stone admittedly looks nice on all precious metal bands. It is also popular to pair it with a diamond halo setting, adding brilliance, pizzazz, and impact to the bluish-pink gemstone at the center.


Ruby is known for its deep red color, and capability to add a regal and luxurious touch to a ring. It looks especially beautiful when paired with white accent diamonds that have a bright and brilliant look, and which are capable of providing a stunning contrast to the red beauty of ruby.

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