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There would hardly be a person who does not consider buying diamond jewelry at least once. The main deterrent here is usually the heavy price tags that one encounters. One of the best ways to tackle this is to buy diamonds online. Note that you are more likely to get great discount deals when you purchase diamonds at an online diamond jewelry store. Plus, the range of items for sale from online diamond stores can easily beat what most brick-and-mortar jeweler offer. However, you would not be able to see or touch your sparkler until after it reached you at your address. That alone calls for plenty of caution when going about a purchase.

Of course, you would look at the cut quality, carat weight, color grade, and clarity of the stone in order to analyze its value. Every diamond would be priced depending on these factors. When it comes to the color quality of a diamond, calculations are done based on the color intensity. In the case of a colorless diamond, those gemstones that are completely devoid of any color are regarded as the supreme options. On the other hand, the prices of colored diamonds tend to climb with color intensity. Did you know that the setting which you pick for a diamond affects its color as well as overall visual appeal?

It is to be noted that “perfect” colorless diamonds range between the D and F color grades, nearly colorless diamonds range from G to J grades, and those diamonds with the color grade K and lower tend to display light yellow tints. If you consider a diamond with color grade K or below, it is ideal setting it using a colored metal setting. The best option for this is yellow gold. In case you consider white gold or platinum metal settings for your diamond, these lustrous metals are more likely to show off the yellow color tints in the stone. In fact, the contrasting color of the metal would make your diamond look even more yellow.

When it comes to yellow gold, the strong yellow hue of the metal will make the light yellow tints in your stone less prominent. Rose gold is also a great option to consider if you want to make your stone look whiter. However, make sure that both the metal settings used around the stone, as well as on the entire ring, are the same. In other words, it would be of no use if you chose platinum prongs and a yellow gold metal band for an obviously yellowish diamond.

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