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Nowadays, most couples prefer to discuss their engagement plans with each other and choose their diamond engagement rings together rather than keeping it as a surprise. Obviously, you may have a clear idea about the center stone, diamond ring design, metal setting, color, diamond ring settings, etc., of your diamond engagement ring. However, most people tend to overlook their finger type when choosing their sparkler.

Note that your finger type can either make or break the overall appeal of your ring when you wear it. Besides, you cannot analyze the beauty of a ring until you wear it. This makes online diamond shopping bit of a challenging affair. In order to make your diamond ring purchase easier, keep the following tips in mind when you shop online diamonds.

Diamond Ring Designs for Smaller Fingers

The main thing that you must consider when choosing a sparkler for a person with small fingers is its proportions. Take care to choose a diamond design that can make your fingers look appealingly bigger. Usually, small fingers are perfect for delicate and petite diamond designs. Some important tips that you must keep in mind in order to rock your diamond ring purchase are given below.

  • Diamond cuts such as marquise, oval, pear, round brilliant, etc., will look extremely flattering on small fingers.
  • Go for delicate, thin, and open bands.

For Wide Fingers

People with wide fingers can effortlessly sway bold and chunky diamond ring designs. The only thing that you must take into account while choosing your ring is to consider a design that make your fingers look leaner. Below are some useful tips that you may consider for this.

  • Consider elongated fancy diamond shapes such as rectangular, oval, and square. Similarly, fancy diamond cuts like marquise, pear, emerald cut, etc., can do wonders on wide fingers.
  • Choose multi-stone diamond rings since wide fingers have got enough room for extra sparkle
  • When it comes to diamond ring bands, go for medium-sized or thick ones
  • Asymmetrical designs and angular shapes can tone down the wider appeal of the fingers.

For Elongated and Skinny Fingers

People with elongated and skinny fingers need not have to ponder much when it comes to choosing a diamond ring for them since they can sway almost every diamond design with utmost panache. Still, extremely wrong choice can make your finger look even more elongated and lean. This will ultimately make your fingers look unappealing. Some important tips in order to tackle this issue are given below.

  • Consider thick band statement pieces with large diamonds
  • Square and round diamonds will look incredibly beautiful on slimmer fingers

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