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There are a lot of options under engagement rings these days, so it makes sense how finding the best diamonds online can sometimes get on your nerves. However, when a piece of jewelry is set to mark the beginning of one of your life’s most important relationships, you know it has to be perfect from all angles. If you have simply no idea when it comes to diamond ring styles, going by zodiac sign should make things a lot easier. Below is a quick look at seven popular engagement ring types based on the zodiac.

  • Aries: As people born under this star sign are confident and bold, going for non-conventional ring styles would be perfect here. You can try out colored stones for that, or go for unique diamond cuts like the marquise or the Asscher.
  • Libra: Women of this zodiac sign usually favor the color blue over all others of the spectrum, so rare blue diamonds are the best idea to be going with. Blue sapphires can be just as alluring an alternative to mount on an engagement ring, especially for the budget-conscious.
  • Gemini: People falling under this category are able to flaunt all ring styles equally gracefully, and are known to experiment with fashion as well. A touch of gold with intricate design and detailing can be just the thing for such women.
  • Aquarius: This zodiac sign is associated with the color turquoise, and especially calm vibes. The turquoise gemstone, blue topaz, and aquamarine are some of the most commonly picked choices for engagement rings gifted to women of this sign, and each of those works beautifully. As for the metal, platinum and white gold do a better job than other metal choices.
  • Cancer: Women in this category are usually traditionalists, and because of that, round cut diamonds set on white metal bands would best suit them. While some go in for square cut diamonds instead to keep things a bit unconventional, the majority stick to elegant round brilliant cut diamonds only.
  • Sagittarius: People in this category are known to be very adventurous and open-minded, and by extension, flexible with their jewelry choices as well. You can experiment with colorful gemstones and diamonds here, as well as pick from wide-ranging metal options like rose gold, palladium, or sterling silver.
  • Leo: This zodiac sign is associated with lively and enthusiastic characteristics, so mix-and-match styles are a perfect go here. Warm colors like yellow gold and rose gold also balance the dynamic nature of Leos perfectly, while semi-precious gemstones add well to their natural glamour.

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