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Diamonds have long been regarded as one of the most beautiful gemstones ever seen. They are also available in a wide range of colors, from colorless to different hues, including orange. The orange color is not widely available in jewelry, and that makes it very appealing. This also helps draw eyes towards the stone.

Orange diamonds are popularly known as “fire diamonds” among diamond enthusiasts. Before you decide on where to buy diamonds in the orange color, you should really understand the factors which affect price and quality in this area. Below are some tips that would help you in purchasing orange diamonds without getting ripped off.

The Orange Color

All colored diamonds get their color from the addition of some traces elements in the stone, during the time that it was being formed. It is the presence of nitrogen that brings out the orange color in a diamond, just as in the case of the yellow diamond. In addition to this, the atoms of nitrogen have to be ordered in a precise pattern called hyper-specific pattern, to give the stone an orange tint. It is said that this arrangement helps the stone to absorb both yellow and blue light, leaving a hue of orange inside the stone.

You would be able to find lots of orange diamonds with additional modifying colors; however, finding a diamond with a vivid orange color is very difficult. It is from the Argyle Mine in Australia and from the mines in South Africa that most of the rare orange diamonds are mined.

Color and Value of The Diamond

The color and intensity of the diamonds are among the most significant elements to consider in order to get a decent idea about its quality. In the majority of cases, orange diamonds come along with a secondary hue, and this would really have a major effect on the value of the stone. It is very hard to find a perfect orange diamond that is free from the tints of a secondary color in it. When such a diamond is found, the stone is generally referred to as a pumpkin, if only within the diamond industry.

The famous Pumpkin Diamond is one of the biggest orange diamonds found in its purest form. This beautiful diamond is of 5.54 carats in weight, and is extremely valuable, as it doesn’t contain a secondary color. This diamond is also rated to have a fancy vivid orange color, which is among the highest in that respect when a stone is graded by the GIA. Simply put, that color is among the best and most expensive.

The value drops if the diamond has any secondary tints of brown or yellow. However, if the same orange diamond has the secondary hues of more valuable colors like pink or red, the price of the diamond would significantly increase. You would be able to find both brownish orange as well as pinkish orange diamonds online.

Saturation and Tone

We now know that the color of a diamond makes a great impact on its value; in addition to this, the diamond tone and saturation too plays a great role in defining value and quality. The terms “tone” and “saturation” of the diamond actually denote the intensity of diamond color. This factor is determined by the GIA’s colored diamond grading scale, which covers a range from faint to fancy deep.

The combination of color and intensity is what is used to describe an orange diamond. Let us consider an example of a fancy brown orange diamond; “fancy” denotes the color intensity of the diamond, “orange” is the primary diamond hue, and “brown” the overtone of the diamond. You could also find diamonds that are represented using numerous modifiers, such as Fancy Deep Brownish Yellowish Orange diamond, for example.

As the intensity of an orange diamond rises, so does its value. The diamond color also gets stronger with a higher level of intensity. Diamonds with higher intensity are usually very much more expensive. Orange diamonds which come within the Fancy Dark-to-Fancy Deep range are the rarest of all. Those that come within this range are highly prized, and coveted by all.

Other than these factors, the size of a stone too plays a great role in determining its value. Diamond price rises rapidly with increase in the size of a stone. You would be able to find out this difference by comparing two stones with a small difference in the carat weight. Even if said difference is small, there would be a huge price gap between the two. This is a point to bear in mind at all times, on pain of having to pay siginifcantly more than what a sensible budget allows.

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