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Diamond Color Grades

The 4Cs of diamond which include the color, cut, clarity, and carat weight has a great significance when it comes to choosing a diamond. The price of the best diamonds online or that you buy from a local store could be adjusted by compromising any of the Cs in the 4Cs of the diamond.

If you take into account the color of the diamond, you can notice that there is only a tiny increment in the color spectrum with each succeeding color grade. The color spectrum of colorless diamonds typically lies in the scope of D to Z. As you go towards the Z range, you will see a notable color hue in the stone. This doesn’t mean that the Z grade diamond is having a dark brown color. You would be able to see a visible hue of yellow in the Z grade diamonds.

Diamond Color Grades

If you look at a diamond color sheet you can see the visible hue increasing as you move towards the Z color grade. However, you would be able to compare the color ranges more accurately by dividing the entire color spectrum into various brackets. This would help you to compare and choose the exact diamond color you need for your engagement ring.

Color Spectrum

When it comes to diamond color grades, there is no right color hue that should be chosen for your engagement ring, this would fully be dependent on your personal choices and preferences.

D-E-F: This range is commonly referred to as a high-end color among all color grades. The diamonds that fall in this spectrum would be highly valuable due to the complete absence of color.

G-H-I: This color range is usually referred to as the near-colorless range. It is very difficult to find the difference between the diamonds that fall in the near-colorless range. The diamonds that fall in this color range would be really whiter than almost 90% of the diamonds that you commonly see.

J-K-L: At times, this color range is described as commercial white in the diamond industry. You would be able to discern at least one shade in this range if you would pair it along with the blue fluorescence.

N-Z: There is a common notion that this range is not so good. However, there is nothing like this. The diamonds that fall in this range would showcase extra warmth.

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