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Diamond Fluorescence refers to the reaction of diamonds when exposed to ultra-violet light. Diamonds glow in different colors when they are exposed to ultra-violet light. On the majority of occasions, the glow is of blue color. There are also times when it glows yellow, white, green and even red. Below is a discussion on the fluorescence of diamonds and ways to make your diamond rings with fluorescence appear more beautiful.

In case the diamond glows only under the presence of ultra-violet rays, you should not be worried at all. However, if they display blue fluorescence in the daylight, you have to be worried. Sometimes they appear slightly or severely hazy in regular light. There are also instances when the strong blue fluorescence is almost impossible for the naked eyes to register.

Tips on Diamond Fluorescence

The presence of fluorescence in a diamond should appear positive or negative depending on the personal taste of a person. Sometimes the fluorescence improves the color of a diamond. Strong blue fluorescence is not always assured to have a negative effect on the diamond’s overall appearance. Slight presence of fluorescence in diamonds could be a blessing in disguise when you purchase a diamond from the best diamond retailers. This might sometime become the reason for their affordable rates.

Make sure you check the retailer’s policy for returns if you are looking to purchase a fluorescent diamonds. Always try to purchase from a reputed retailer if you are looking for high-quality fluorescent diamonds. It is completely normal to check the diamonds under UV lighting and normal lighting at the time of purchase. You can also ask the retailer to show you how the diamond appears under daylight.

High Fluorescence Creates Hazy Diamonds

It is a well-known fact that Strong Blue Fluorescent diamonds are usually very hazy-looking. On the other hand, the Faint Blue Fluorescent diamonds do not display the trait of haze in them. With a very strong blue fluorescence, the diamond may appear very hazy, cloudy, or oily. This will make the diamonds less transparent. In such cases, the difference could be easily spotted by observing them side-by-side. It is important to remember that the diamonds with a high level of haziness is not very typical. Further, remember that they are not common when you consider diamonds of H grade and lower.

Fluorescence Improves Color

Studies have provided solid proof that fluorescence improves or enhances the color of the diamond. Therefore, it is recommended that if you are looking to buy a diamond with an H grade or lower, try and get a diamond with Medium Blue Fluorescence. It is better to avoid the strong blue fluorescence as lower colors appear hazy and milky when they have strong blue fluorescence. As you go down the color grades there is a lower probability that it will appear milky

In medium blue fluorescent diamonds, the color could counteract the yellowish tint on them. This makes them appear much whiter than normal. Overall, this effect will make the appearance and diamond color an entire grade higher. Sometimes the fluorescence could make diamonds appear to have more sparkle and shine than those without any fluorescent features.

Hesitations Regarding Fluorescence

Note that sometimes even medium blue fluorescence of a high color grade of G or higher may exhibit milkiness or haze. This could affect the appearance of the diamonds. If you are looking to buy the best diamonds online it is advisable to specifically inquire the diamond of strong blue fluorescence. This will ensure that you do not purchase the wrong diamond. If you visit the store in person, you can check if the milkiness or haziness affects the appearance of the diamond. Ensure you see diamonds under various light settings for the best results.

Saving on a Diamond with Fluorescence

There is yet another reason to go with diamonds with fluorescence—the saving possibility. Diamonds with a low color grade naturally cost less. If these diamonds have a slight or strong fluorescence, they appear like a whiter and costlier diamond.

Consider an example of an H color grade diamond of 1-carat weight and VS2 round cut of excellent grade. This costs you around $5,500 – $6,000. At the same time, with all these matching characteristics, a diamond with I color grade and strong fluorescence may cost you only $5,000. Note that this also looks very similar to an H diamond yet costs a much lower than the former. The only property you need to make sure is that the diamond is not hazy. Further, ensure the quality of the diamond if you are making the purchase from the best diamond retailers online.

Fluorescence could be used in one’s favor if you know how to use them properly. Make sure you consider the above features the next time you look to purchase diamonds.

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