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Diamond Jewelry Trends

It is natural for jewelry trends to change over time. The year 2019 has seen some new trends in the diamond and jewelry industry. There have also been attempts to recreate and revive some of the old trends and styles. The year 2019 has much to offer to those who are lovers of the new trends in the industry.

Here are some of the latest trends in diamonds and jewelry, which people love.

Large & Long Earrings

This trend was lively since the previous year but has become the highlight of the industry this year. It is very common to see women wearing long earrings that are head turners. They are available in different styles and lengths. This includes the mismatched earrings, shoulder touching chandeliers, and many other styles. The jewelry designers are presently at the freedom to make different sculptural styles like this.

Tri-Stone Rings

This type of ring became very common after Meghan Markle wore this for her engagement. She had the ring with a Botswanian sourced center diamond along with two smaller diamonds on the sides. Different varieties of combinations are available in the market now. There are the rings with a natural diamond as the center stone, complemented by two artificial diamonds on the sides. This is meant for those looking for this style with a low budget. Also, rings featuring a gemstone as the centerpiece with white diamonds adorning the sides are trending. There is a high chance for personalization in this type of ring.

New Fancy Shapes

The fancy shaped diamonds have been there in the market for a long time now. However, with the advanced technologies of diamond cutting, designers are trying to bring new styles and designs of fancy diamonds in the market. These designs have for sure made a stir in the market. The best examples are the half-moon shaped diamond and the sharp pointed diamond, which came into the market creating a storm. However, the love for the other fancy cuts like princess, emerald, and oval has not decreased.

Pinky Rings

This trend, though it is not new, has become very popular this year. The Pinky rings are so versatile and are ideal for both men and women. The timeless appeal of the style also speaks for the popularity that it gained in the market. They come in numerous models and have gained much love from the people.

If you are planning to buy jewelry anytime soon, do keep these things in mind, so that you can make your selection based on the trend of the time.

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