Knowing what you want to buy is one of the best ways to buy exactly what suits you. This applies to diamonds as well, which is why people throw so much deliberation into every teeny, tiny jewelry purchase they have to make. Without the right information though, one may as well be picking numbers out of a hat, which is why we have set up this blog to help you gain relevant knowledge in this department. We cover everything from insider information to popular cuts, ring design and setting tips, and ways to clean your gems and jewelry.

For example, you have the Briolette cut, which is an unconventional diamond cut that is making a definite comeback. After seeing its adorable teardrop shape, you would understand why it was so popular in the 19th century. Diamonds cut and shaped in this way are hard not to openly admire. The light-reflecting qualities of these stones are also markedly different from diamonds of other cuts, which lack the “light show” quality distinctive of Briolettes.

Settings are an important aspect to consider when buying diamonds. In modern times, settings such as the pavé are in high vogue thanks to the intricate, lovely ways in which they hold diamonds on a precious metal band. The pavé setting specifically, is considered one of the most versatile ones a buyer can opt for, especially when they have a center stone that fails to effect a significant presence by itself. Micro-pavé bands come in many varieties, with whole shelves dedicated to them at most jewelry stores.

When it comes to diamonds, the 4 C’s are the most fundamental aspect defining any single stone. Its color, cut, clarity, and carat are what decide its subjective value on the market; major change in any one of these could cause the price to rise or fall considerably. This is why you always begin with the center stone when checking out options. Our guiding posts help you gain a deeper understanding of how different combinations of these four factors affect a diamond’s worth, and what to prefer when you are working inside a modest budget. We have some really useful wallet-friendly tips that have proven effective on more than once occasion. Other than that, our writes also put up a profusion of industry news, comparisons, and opinions via weekly articles.